CBAAC Promises To Resuscitate African Culture


CBAAC Promises To Resuscitate African Culture
By Joel Ajayi
The newly appointed Acting Director General of Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization CBAAC Mrs Ndidi Aimeinwauu has promised that centre would spring back to life to meet the aspiration of all Nigerian.
CBAAC an offshoot of the second world black and African festival of art and culture popularly known as FESTAC’77 in which Africans converged on Lagos to celebrate 40 years ago.
Mrs Aimeinwauu gave assurance of repositioning the centre at the unveiling of Heritage Africa Village Square HAvis as part of an event organized by Nigeria and China to commemorate the independence anniversaries of the federal republic of Nigeria and the People’s Republic of China in Abuja.
“The centre basically set up to promote country cultural heritage all over Nigeria and in the diaspora and one of the mandates of the centre is to create awareness of proper understanding of this heritage and that is what we are working to achieve.
“We are carrying out a lot of seminars, lectures, symposiums and publication of a lot of books on black and African, the centre has over 120 publications this also helped in educating Nigerian.
“We equally do a lot of travelling exhibitions both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.
“In another two years, when Nigeria will be 60th I want CBAAC to reposition the centre to the greater height.”
Talking about the benefit of partnering China the most populous Asian country on the development of black culture, Director General maintained said : “centre will continue to work hard to ensure that the cultural union of Nigeria and the Chinese people continue to blossom.
“CBAAC is proud to identify with heritage Africa and is ready to partner with China on similar areas we can tap into each other culture advantages and use it to promote our heritage and culture.”
Continuing, she stressed that one of the most important things the country could fall back on is the collection of ideas and genuine contributions of peoples of African descent from the different colloquiums that were held at the festival in 1977.
CBAAC boss advocated for the promotion of the black culture while she sought the cooperation of management staff and all Nigerian to deliver on the mandate.


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