Dewdrops Community Centre Hope For Nigeria Living With Autism


Dewdrops Community Centre Hope For Nigeria Living With Autism

…Francis Duru, parents tasks government on intervention

Joel Ajayi Abuja

In its determination to reawaken people’s social consciousness and awareness about the plight of children living with Autism, the Non-governmental Organization known as Dewdrops Community Centre for Special Needs in Abuja have for years embarked on the initiatives to lessen the sufferings of many parents children in Nigeria.

The Dewdrops Community Centre is indeed an encompassing initiative that committed to bridging knowledge gaps through its non-stop advocacy and education to address the lack of treatment in Nigeria.

Speaking weekend, in Abuja at the 2nd Anniversary of the organization, the program Director of the Organization Mrs. Lola Aniete expressed that objectives of initiatives born two years ago was to ensure no child is left behind in terms of quality education and otherwise.

According to her, the Family Funfair, is a platform for play and fun, “inclusive” interaction and discovery, to create awareness about autism, educate, inspire and encourage families, through various games and play items among families of children living with autism and various developmental disabilities

She lamented that many parents because of the stigma and the way people look at them when going out with such child while many locked up their wards at home because of the shame.

Programme Director also revealed the challenges is enormous and must be address; “The challenge is that most of parents are in denial there is need to explain to them; another problem is society, we need society to accept it, while government have to come to the aid of individuals whose child are having difficulty in one way or the other.”

On the impact of the programme, she explained that the parents are more aware of the condition which has in turn reduced stigma and increased the need for early diagnosis and intervention

“That is why every Thursday between hours of 6:30pm and 7:30 pm, we try to create awareness on KISS FM for people who Nigerians need to know more about all this deformity or special needs.”

Mrs Anieke however, called on government, private organizations and well-meaning Nigerian to come in support and re-orientate societal thinking regarding the fallacies concerning Autism.

On his own an entertainer, Francis Duru, who graced the occasion commended new organization while calling on government at all levels to always support those who are creating awareness about the Autism.

One of the parents Mrs. Aisha John Mark disclosed that, nobody pray to have a child with special need but the only thing you can do is to give the support to the child, the love care and therapy; “This a very good means of creating awareness to people on autism, is not as if they sick, it is not a disease.”

Another Parent, Mrs Doris Akano, lamented that the awareness is not enough and it should be taken far more from where it’s right now. We are tired of government this NGO is doing a very great job but I think larger awareness is what we need right now.”

The event was well attended by many families of typical children, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as they were all catch fun in a games such Swimming, Recitation of poems, Music and Dancing, cake cutting, presentation of gifts and awards, amongst other


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