Expert urges FG to support training of pupils in science, technology


Expert urges FG to support training of pupils in science, technology

Mr Oriyomi olukumbi, Founder, Akada Education Resource Centre, has called on the Federal Government to support the training of primary and secondary school children in science and technology.

Olukumbi made the statement at the 8th Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) schools’ Fair in Abuja on Friday.

He said that government should create budgets for training primary and secondary school children in science and technology as this would bring about raising future world revolutionaries.

According to him, this form of education will raise robotics engineers, art developers and scientists who will give the country a better projection to the outside world.

“We have a vision for Nigerian kids, we want to see that in 15 years time, we are able to raise kids that will be revolutionary leaders in the 21st century revolution.

“We are looking at more possible ways to write to government organisations to support us but for now we are partnering with private organisations like Admiralty University of Nigeria, Micro-soft, and other willing partners.

“We are hoping that the government will assist us and also call on media to create awareness in this area,” he said.

He said the organisation in collaboration with Microsoft and Admiralty University of Nigeria, brought about the `Big Idea project.`

“The big idea project is a platform for different schools to come together so they can showcase different projects they have.

“In that process, students meet student who have done better, then they are able to work towards creating and generating things that will work for the nearest future.”

He further stated that one of the beneficiaries of the initiative was , Nasiru Yamama ,one of the 2017 under 30 Forbes Awards and also a Queen’s Young Leaders Awards winner.

“We’ve had a 12 year old kid who developed an app which had up to 18,000 downloads in eight weeks and this downloads are from around the world.

“From this , I can say, we really are strengthening the technology part of the country but we want more to be done in the area of science, arts, engineering and mathematics,” he said.

The occasion had in attendance several schools in the Federal Capital Territory with diverse innovations ranging from robotics, artworks and mobile apps. (NAN)


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