Kaduna State emerges champion on 2017 Nat. Cricket women tourney


Kaduna State emerges champion on 2017 Nat. Cricket women tourney

Kaduna State has emerged the winner 7th Edition of National Crocket Women Championship which featured six teams that competed in the tournament.

The 2017 Edition which commenced on the 17th-19th of November, at cricket pitch package ‘B’ National Stadium, Abuja saw six states in a fierce competition.

The state includes: Anambra State, Oyo State, Niger State, Edo State, FCT and Kaduna.

Speaking after the 3 days championship, President of the Cricket Federation Adamu Yaya Ukwenya explained that,the game serves as a foundation to select talents and the best as they play in their various state to form the National Team and secondly, to encourage them to play and enjoy the game with passion.

He however commended the participating teams for their brilliant performance especially Niger State that got introduced into the game two years ago and qualified for this Edition.

Professor Ukwenya observed that the girls need more technicalities in line with International standard to enhance their performance. He advised them to be disciplined, dedicated to their studies and to encourage other females to join the game.

Crikets federation scribe described the scouts of Cricket as Professionals that watched the girls from the first stage to the final of the team of six appreciated the significant role being played by the scouts in selecting carefully girls that can form the National Team as well as ensure that its standard is maintained.

He commenced that scouts and officials for taking firm stand in ensuring that players wishing to play for the country, due registered in this category edition and participate from the original team of thirty to the International Team of Fourteen players.

Also he revealed that his Federation will produce Constitution that will be adopted in their General Assembly before the end of the year where the Ministry of Youth and Sport Development will be an observer in their elections rather than conduct their election.

Awards were given to both the overall best state and outstanding players. Miss Kainde Abdukarim got the award as the best bowler. Mary Desmond from Kaduna got the best Filder of Series with Five catches.

While best behaved award went to AWOLUCY Shun as Miss Lucy was awarded as the best Cricket keeper. The most valuable player and bet mind of series that accumulated 360 scores went to Blessing from Kaduna State.



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