(Part 2) How To Become A Complete Christian-Pst. S.O David


(Part 2) How To Become A Complete Christian-Pst. S.O David

Joel Ajayi

The Apostolic Church Nigeria TACN, Garki Assembly Pastor, Pst. S.O David revealed that attendance of Church Services alone can’t make someone a complete Christian but those who believe in the Almighty God portray a true Christian.

In his Lord’s day sermon titled: “Becoming a complete Christian” at the Church Auditorium, Garki Assembly, Durumi, in Abuja-FCT Area, he hinted that it’s only the knowledge of God in a Christian that can qualify him or her for Heaven.

According to him, Going to church 24 hours in a day alone does not qualify someone to be a complete Christian but those who do the will of God, obey His commandments and have faith in Him can be called a complete Christian.

He said, many Christians nowadays talk about Jesus, His deeds and miracles but they do not believe that Christ is the son of God, that is why many of such people are yet to become a complete Christian.

Pastor David however, highlighted the characteristics of a complete spiritual Christian saying, anyone who doubts the sonship of Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of the world is not qualified to be a Christian.

He said that those who want to be a complete Christian must believe in God (John 3:16, 1:12), believe that Jesus is the Lord (1st Corinthians 8:6) and as well, believe that Jesus is the  Christ (Mathew 16:16-17).

The Cleric equally said that a complete Christian must believe that Jesus Christ was born a complete human being, yet He didn’t fall into temptation (1st John 4:2-3).

He, therefore, admonished Christians to always see Jesus Christ as a perfect example of holiness;

“We also can be like Him by asking for grace and work on ourselves until we become holy.

Also, submit yourselves totally unto the God who is the Author and finisher of your faith and do His will and as well, keep all His commandments;

“Those who qualify to be a complete Christian are those who do God’s will, embrace the life of Christ and forsake the life of sins, those who do not compromise and obey the principles of God.”



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