Provoking Praises That Move the Hand Of God- Pastor Oladele


Sunday 17th February, 2019

By Joel Ajayi

The Apostolic Church Nigeria Abuja-FCT Area Superintendent, Pastor Lawrence Oladele, has admonished the saints to always involve themselves  in praises and Thanksgiving that will move the hand of God for their favour.

He gave the admonition during the annual new year Thanksgiving service at the church auditorium in Abuja.

In his sermon titled: “Covenant provoking praise”

Pastor Oladele said there were many types of praises but the one that is acceptable in the presence of God is the one that comes from a pure and clean heart.

According to him, covenant provoking praise is the kind of praise that launches the hand of God to work.(Psalms 50:14).

“The more you provoke God in Praise, the more you see the hand of God in Action.

“If you give God covenant provoking praises, He will give you bountiful blessings and remove all your enemies.

“Covenant provoking praise makes one to be accepted where others are rejected.

“What God wants His people to give is not an ordinary praise but a praise that will go to the throne of the God and move His hands for favour and mercy.”

While giving examples of people whose praises provoked God in the Bible, he said Paul and Silas rendered a provoking praise to God and the door of the prison was wide open for them (Acts 16: 23-34).


Noah, Jacob, Solomon and many others also involved in the praises that provoked God and their lives were changed for good (Gen 8:20-21, Gen 46:1-2, 1kings 3:4-6).

Pastor Oladele revealed that the praises that is coming from an unclean heart cannot be a provoking praise.








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