Stop sharing fake news Ahlan Cautions


Stop sharing fake news Ahlan Cautions

The Kano State FA chairman Alhaji Rabiu Sherrif Inuwa Ahlan’ has been called on to to desist from misleading the general public through its fake news. on 28th October 2017 purported that, Alhaji Alan, the NFF executive board member is unhappy about being CAF protocol committee member which he was appointed to last week. 

In a statement released Media Aide toAlhaji Rabiu Sherrif Inuwa Ahlan’ Mr. Abiola Shodiya, unequivocally warning to desist from rumour mongering and fake news which is becoming a norm for them, expecially when it has to do with his distinguished personality. 

Alhaji Rabiu Sherrif Inuwa Ahlan’ also wants to extol pure professionalism whenever disseminating information to the public. 

He is hereby establishing the fact that he never spoke to any  reporter about the said issue, it’s a blatant lie and a total falsehood from the online medium.

Kano FA chairman however,wants the public to disregard such fake news from and trust his passionate commitment to the growth of football in Africa.


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