Supreme Court: Pinnick’s board has themselves to blame- Dalung


Supreme Court: Pinnick’s board has themselves to blame- Dalung

….They will only have to appeal to God hence

….We are waiting for legal advise for Attorney General

Barrister Solomon Dalung, the Nigerian Minister of Youth and Sports, has declared that the former President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick and his board members should hold themselves responsible for the current situation they found themselves following the Supreme Court ruling.

Speaking in a Radio Nigeria programme monitored from Abuja on Saturday, Dalung explained the effort he made to avert the current situation when he first resumed office as the minister.

He lamented that rather than appreciating his efforts to avert the current Tsunami they resorted to using the media and other institutions to call him names.

“I invited them because when I read the entire judgment and the decision in the past. I invited and told them that I am somebody who when I am gone people would say I am a prophet. I told them that the only way is to come back to the table and settle it politically. There must be consensus among you people and you carry everybody along.

“The moment I said this I was criminalised; I was even invited to the National Assembly. I was asked to explain why I tried to take a mandate from another person and share it. They said they were elected so why in the dialogue did I suggest that concession should be made.

“It was done in bad faith because when you go to a dialogue, these are not subject to public knowledge, but it was downloaded to the National Assembly. And they were accusing me that it is because Ambassador Chris Giwa is from Jos and that is why I am trying to take over.

“Having been accused and one thing I don’t like is for somebody to exhibit sentiment. And so when I am accused of being biased, which is the greatest allegation that can make me to take a very unpalatable decision. I promised myself that I will allow them to continue their battle in the court.

“As a lawyer who is well trained, I knew that there is a Tsunami if that issue goes through the legal process. And ultimately, it got to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has given its decision, the next Appeal is to God in Heaven,” the minister of Youth and Sports declared.

He maintained that his office would soon be coming out with a statement about who the true NFF president is based on the Supreme Court ruling after receiving the legal advice from the exalted office of the Attorney General of the Federation


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