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China urges U.S. to explain leaked intel and spying on other countries



Noting the leaked Pentagon documents, Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said during a regular press conference on Wednesday that the United States should explain to the international community why it is spying on other countries.

Wang made the remarks in response to a query on the recent reports of Pentagon’s leaked documents, which reveal the deep involvement of the U.S. in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, as well as its continuing close surveillance of allies, including Israel and South Korea.

Citing multiple media reports, Wang said the leaked intelligence documents show the U.S. is deeply involved in the Ukraine crisis and that it is still using its technological advantages to secretly spy on countries around the world, including its allies.

The leaks have already drawn responses from some foreign governments. For example, South Korea’s presidential office said on Monday it will demand the U.S. to take appropriate action over reports of the U.S.’s alleged spying on its top security officials, once details of the matter are confirmed.

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Pakistan Observes KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY in Abuja



Joel Ajayi

The people of Pakistan inside the country and across the world is observing Kashmir Solidarity Day Today’s Monday express solidarity with Kashmiris in their struggle for the right to self-determination.  
Since 1990, the Nation of Pakistan observes February 5th as Kashmir Solidarity Day.

According to the statement issued by the High Commissioner of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Abuja, Nigeria H.E Mr Sohail Ahmad Khan stated that, Kashmir Solidarity Day serves as an annual reminder of the  prolonged conflict in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, where the struggle for self-determination has left an indelible mark on the lives of innocent Kashmiris. 

“Multiple UN Resolutions unambiguously declare that the final disposition of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted  under the auspices of the United Nations. 

“Numerous international, UN organizations as well as UN Special Rapporteurs have reported gross human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir. 

“Media and press is under tremendous pressure by Indian Government especially in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir which is evident from India’s  ranking of 161 out of 180 countries as per 2023 World Press Freedom.

“Jammu and Kashmir has been converted into world’s most militarized zone and the largest prison on earth. Pakistan stands firm with Kashmiri brothers and sisters and  will continue to provide unwavering diplomatic support.

“Pakistan demands that International community including United Nations and it’s relevant Human Rights Machinery, Civil Society Organizations, Media Houses and other defenders of Human  Rights to fulfill their obligations towards besieged Kashmiris by playing their part to end the rule of tyranny and oppression.”

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