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Flying Eagles Skipper Daniel Bameyi has once again dominated the FIFA Players Statistics after Nigeria shocked all the bookies to beat Italy 2-0 at the U20 World Cup in Argentina.

The Yum Yum FC of Abuja versatile defender who is known for his silent hardworking qualities was the most rated among the Nigeria Backline with his Complete Passes , Most Attempted Line Breaks and Most Completed Line Breaks.

The Right Full Back continued from where he stopped against Dominican Republic with a total of 122 Passes, the highest of any player from both sides.

Bameyi also has the highest number of most Attempted Line break of Fifty four and the highest number of Completed Line breaks of Thirty.

His growing influence in the Nigerian team has continued to catch the attention of members of the FIFA Technical team and European Clubs.

Coach of the side Ladan Bosso said he is not surprised with the performance of his captain because of his top versatility.

The player can play at centre Back , at either side of full backs or Wing backs and Defensive Midfield.

The Flying Eagles ensured their smooth passage to the next round with the 2-0 win with goals from Lawal Salem Fago and Jude Sunday.

The win was a sweet revenge for Nigeria who lost with thesame scoreline thirty six years ago at the 1987 World Cup.

It is also the first time Nigeria is beating Italy at any level after the heart break of the Super Eagles in the hands of the Roberto Baggio inspired Italian team at the U.S.A World Cup.

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Oluwakemi Areola’s Vivacity Development Pioneers Youth Empowerment for a Sustainable Future



Abuja based organization,Vivacity Development, has reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing the potential of young individuals for a sustainable future.

Vivacity Development is strategically directing its efforts towards capacity development initiatives meticulously designed to equip young individuals with the essential skills necessary to flourish within the green economy. Simultaneously, the organization is harnessing the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Research and Development (R&D), with the overarching goal of driving innovation and sustainability.

Founder and CEO of Vivacity Development, Oluwakemi Areola, underscores the paramount role of youth in shaping a sustainable future. By prioritizing capacity development, the organization aims to arm young people with the expertise required to excel in the dynamic landscape of the green economy.

The organization has delineated four key initiatives aimed at facilitating the achievement of these objectives:

Green Economy Training Programs: Vivacity Development is spearheading specialized training programs focusing on the green economy. These initiatives encompass crucial areas such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation, thereby empowering young individuals to make meaningful contributions to a greener world.

ICT Integration for R&D: Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, Vivacity Development is fully embracing ICT for Research and Development endeavors. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, the organization aims to catalyze innovation in sustainable practices, environmental conservation, and eco-friendly solutions.

Collaborations with Industry Leaders: Vivacity Development is actively fostering strategic partnerships with industry leaders in both the green economy and ICT sectors. These collaborations will provide young participants with invaluable real-world insights, mentorship, and opportunities to engage in impactful projects.

Youth-Led Initiatives: The organization is championing youth-led initiatives by offering a platform for young innovators to showcase their ideas. Vivacity Development firmly believes in the potential of the younger generation to drive positive change and, through mentorship and support, aims to amplify their impact.

Areola expresses profound enthusiasm about the initiative, emphasizing Vivacity Development’s unwavering belief in the power of youth to shape a sustainable future. She reaffirms the organization’s commitment to investing in capacity development and leveraging ICT for research and development, thereby nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious and innovative leaders.

The company’s dedication to the green economy is seamlessly aligned with its steadfast commitment to utilizing technology for research and development.

On February 22, 2024, Vivacity Development will hold its first event of the year at the University of Abuja, with the primary objective of inspiring transformative actions that promote sustainable development, enhance workforce readiness for the digital age, and accelerate the transition to a green economy.

By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, promoting best practices, and facilitating capacity building, Vivacity Development is poised to create tangible impacts that contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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