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Group Frowns At release of Convicted Drug kingpins



… Demands release of Abbah Kyari

Joel Ajayi

A concerned group, known as Center for Democracy and Human Right CEDEHUR has frowned at alleged release of the two convicted Notorious International drug traffickers 15 months instead of spending 6 years to continue their businesses. 

This even as group demands release of Police DCP Abbah Kyari  and his team saying the cops is innocent.

It’s on record that Chibunna Patrick Umeibe and Emeka Alphonsus Ezenwanne, were arrested by Police IRT and transferred to NDLEA and were sentenced to six years in prison, 2yrs for each of the 3 counts.

The duo were arrested on the January 19th 20222 at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu while attempting to smuggle cocaine of over 21kg of drugs to the brim into the country.

Speaking at a world press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, on the complicity of NDLEA in the fight against Drugs Trafficking in Nigeria the Spokesperson CEDEHUR Adebayo Sunday demanded for severe punishment for any officers found guilty.

According to him, last Friday, the media was awash with the release of two convicted Notorious International drug traffickers arrested by Police IRT in January, who were transferred to the NDLEA. The IRT had arrested Chibunna Patrick Umeibe and Emeka Alphonsus Ezenwanne, at the car park of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu on 19/1/2022 and in Just 16 months these Drug kingpins were released. 

“The police had swooped on the two after the whistle-blower revealed all their movements and activities right from Brazil to Ethiopia and Nigeria, via the Enugu Airport. They arrived at Enugu Airport with over 21kg of drugs full to the brim in their 2 carry-on bags. Shockingly, despite the presence of all security agents including the men of the NDLEA, they were cleared.

“The police as we stated above arrested them afterwards. They were moved to Abuja for preliminary investigation and onward handover to the NDLEA, which has the authority to handle the matter. It’s the usual practice and that was not the first-time drug traffickers arrested by the police would be handed over to the NDLEA.

“The police rejected all offers by the international Drug Traffickers to take the whole drugs in addition to an offer by the arrested drug traffickers for them to be released by the Police IRT  as testified by the Drug Traffickers in the Court.

“The International Drug Traffickers were eventually interrogated where they confessed to the crime in written and on Video, explaining how they usually send their pictures to the NDLEA agents at the Enugu airport before they arrive in Nigeria for easy identification to enable them pass freely with the drugs.

“The International Drug Traffickers were eventually interrogated where they confessed to the crime in written and on Video, explaining how they usually send their pictures to the NDLEA agents at the Enugu airport before they arrive in Nigeria for easy identification to enable them pass freely with the drugs.

“After The videos of their confession, they indicted NDLEA agents, Also called  the full names, addresses, phone numbers and  identities of the Big Drug Barons Sponsoring  them and settling the NDLEA before they land in Enugu Airport, the police eventually handed over the men to the NDLEA for further investigation.”

The group,  (CEDEHUR ) expressed their displeasure and called on the government especially to investigate all people who were involved in the unlawful release of the drug barons no matter who they are in the society.

“The president or the presidency should immediately set up a committee to investigate the activities of the NDLEA and drug traffickers under Gen Buba Marwa(rtd) especially in this case were clearly indicted NDLEA officers were shielded and many other NDLEA officers including One Sunday Zirandi Director of intelligence who was indicted by Ex NDLEA officer for Connivance with drug barons, Diversions of recovered drugs, Murder case among others.

“We state that the ex-NDLEA officer has filed a case in court that is pending before the industrial court. The matter was in the media severally 2022 and if found guilty or wanted he should be appropriately Sanctioned  and all indicted officers should face the full wrath of the Law.

The security situation in Nigeria today especially relating to kidnapping and terrorism has worsened with the continued detention of the IRT team, therefore they should be released to continue the fight against kidnappers and terrorism as National Security of this Country is paramount.

“The Big drug barons shielded by NDLEA that the convicted international drug traffickers mentioned in their confession and statements as Sponsors and also responsible for Settling the NDLEA officers in the Airport and sending the pictures of the incoming drug traffickers to NDLEA officers before their Arrival with the heavy Drugs should be arrested,  investigated and Prosecuted by a Neutral agency like the DSS immediately amongst others.”

 The group also demanded the release of DCP Abbah Kyari and his team: “We believes that in the interest of justice, fairness and equity Abba Kyari and his team should be granted bail as enshrined in our constitution.

“They have sacrificed so much for the security of this country and do not deserve this kind of dehumanising treatment being meted out to them.”

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$150m Suit: Court Admits Bablink Witness’ Documents In Evidence



Justice Edward Okpe of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory sitting in Nyanya has admitted in evidence, several documents tendered by Bablink Resources Nig. Ltd. against Brentex Petroleum Ltd and China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co. Ltd.

At a resumed hearing on Thursday, Michael Aondoakaa (SAN), who appeared for the claimants (Bablink), called his first witness in the matter.

The claimant’s witness, Mr. Ganni Isiaka, a director in Bablink, adopted his witness statement on oath as several documents were tendered and admitted through him.

However, counsel for the defendants, H. M Danjuma sought leave that his right to object to all the documents tendered by the claimant be reserved for final address, and the same application was granted.

Nevertheless, the tendered documents were admitted in evidence and marked as exhibits BRN 1 to BRN 19 respectively.

Thereafter, the defendant’s Counsel sought an adjournment because they were not ready for cross-examination.

Earlier, an effort by Aondoakaa to call the claimant’s first witness was vehemently opposed by a lawyer to the defendants.

Danjuma told the court that the defendants had applied to the vacation Judge for the matter to be re-assigned and that the said application was granted by the vacation Judge.

However, the presiding judge, Edward Okpe informed the defendant’s counsel that the case file before him which is marked CV/589/2023, had not at any time been transmitted to the chief judge for re-assignment.

The judge stated that it was rather the case file in motions marked M/2083/23 and M/2084/23 that were transmitted to the chief judge for re-assignment.

Given the foregoing, counsel to the defendants, then said they were not ready to proceed as they needed time to put their house in order.

Reacting, Aondoakaa dismissed the defendants’ reason for an adjournment and urged the court to discount the application for adjournment and proceed with the hearing of the matter.

But Danjuma replied that his application for adjournment was on the grounds of a fair hearing.
However, in a bench ruling on the application for adjournment, the court held that the application by the defendant’s counsel for adjournment has no leg upon which it can stand, saying that fair hearing is for all the parties as well as the court.

Justice Okpe added that the defendants have not in any way been deprived of their right to a fair hearing but the same has been accorded to them as they were served with the Writ of Summons since December 18, 2023, but have failed to file a defense even when they were in court on the last adjourned date when the matter was adjourned to today for hearing.

It was the court’s opinion that a fair hearing is also for the claimant, and for the defendant to not be ready and then seek adjournment to the detriment of the claimant who is ready to proceed is also an encroachment on the claimant’s right to a fair hearing.

Consequently, the defendant’s application for adjournment was refused by the court and the claimant was granted leave to call its first witness.

The matter has been adjourned with the consent of parties to the February 13, 2024, for the continuation of the hearing.

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