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How the Madness for Born-Abroad players finally kills Nigeria World Cup Hopes



Nigeria will officially not be at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after crashing out infront of her home fans at the Abuja National Stadium to the Black Stars of Ghana.

But the reason for this shocking ouster might not be far from a trend under the leadership of Amanju Pinnick where the NFF is so crazy about invitation of foreign born Nigeria players, the ones i fondly called BORN-ABROAD players to the Super Eagles team.

Before getting the trust of this piece twisted, I want to state it very clear that there is nothing wrong with inviting Nigeria players born abroad to come play for their fatherland, absolutely nothing wrong and i am not saying such players don’t deserve callups.

However it has become a crazy pattern for the NFF boss that it looked as though that is the only thing that mattered to him when it comes to selection of players for the Eagles. He goes personally to talk to these players in London , convinced them to come play for Nigeria even when some of them are just average and maybe just above average players. Some of these players ordinarily should be playing for the country’s junior teams like the Flying Eagles but we just land them in the Super Eagles just like that.

Many of them don’t even understand the importance and gravity of playing for the Super Eagles because they dont know the country’s football history even if they know by what they were told by their folks abroad ,they dont understand the practicality of it first hand.

Against Ghana in Abuja on Tuesday, Nigeria started the game with SIX BORN-ABROAD players who collapsed on the day of ultimate battle, not because they are not just good players, but because they could not cope with the humidity of such a game on the African soil.

Many of them from the 55th minute were struggling to cope with the Abuja hot weather and practical example was what we saw with Ola Aina and Leon Balogun from the 75th minute.

Right back Aina was practically begging to be sub from the 75th minute because he was totally tired ,holding is waist through, failing to go for any ball and could barely move his legs. Similar situation happened with Balogun which the coaching crew noticed from half time and signalled Kenneth Omeruo to go warm up.

These are players who are not use to all the challenges an average Nigerian player has been through, from playing inside hot sun on the streets to playing with torn toes and even playing with broken arms.

It is those kind of players that you need in such a crucial game against Ghana and not all these Ajebo- Black and White Oyinbo players for God sake.

Victor Osimhen’s performance on Tuesday epitomised the typical Nigeria born player spirit but unfortunately a tree can make a forest. The boy was all over the place ,running,gingering and chasing for the entire ninety minutes.

Nigeria as a big footballing country has never relied on Born-Abroad players for footballing success.From our success at the Under 17 level to our Olympic Games triumph ,to our Nations Cup victories. Infact the late Stephen Keshi won Nigeria’s last Nations Cup with Eight Home based players in his squad in 2013 in South Africa.

The plight of the Super Eagles has now pummelled that home based players cant even see them playing for thr team, but once you have a Nigerian name and you are born in East London, West london, Queens Park, Watford, Eastford, Croyford and all the Fords you will be pursued to come play for Nigeria.

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Alternative Medicine Can Bridge Unemployment, Naira/Dollar Gap – Professor Says



By David Maxwell

A university don who has taken a vibrant interest in phyto-medicine research, Professor Benjamin Amodu, says Nigeria can reduce unemployment as well as bridge the forex gap between the Naira and Dollar through Traditional, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, TCAM.

He said this is very possible if both the government and the people join hands to project the vast potentials of the country to the foreign world.

Speaking to our reporter, he said: “My message. is that let us have a very huge hope in our herbs which God has endowed on us based on our location on the geography of the earth.
“This is a huge blessing God has given us and some of us have researched into them. It is just left for us to believe in them.

“So let us join hands with the government and move this country forward and get people all over the world to make Nigeria the destination for medical tourism as we reverse the incessant trips to India, China, Egypt and all the other destinations. “I can tell you categorically that TCAM is the best way to go. In fact’ if there is political will on the part of government, the Naira/dollar ratio will level up.

“The bulk of importation of drug products will fall and we will conserve our foreign exchange and channel it into other sectors.

“Government should even stand in the gap because there are a lot of things that can be done in this sector.

“Let us depend more on whatever we produce and forget about over-dependence on importation. When that happens, this huge youth unemployment ratio will be closed up as our subsistence farmers will go into extensive farming and production of the needed raw materials. And in so doing, you know they will employ many more hands to enable them to do this.

“You can imagine that the United States of America projected to make $30bn dollars in 2023 alone from alternative and complementary medicine,” Amodu said.

He then called on the Tinubu administration to build on what the previous administrator started and make Nigeria the hub for medical tourism.”

The huge government investment into this untapped multi-billion dollar industry however remains to be seen. Amodu is a 1980 graduate of Industrial Pharmacy from the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, and a professor of phytho-medicine from the Triune Biblical University, USA.

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