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Literacy: Group Organise Spelling Bees Competitions For Northern Schools



Mariam Sanni

In a bid to promote Literacy in the Northern part of the country, a group known as Educand Education Initiative, EEI has organised a NorthCentral and Northeast regional SPELLand THRILL Intervention competition.

The President of EEI, Ayotunde Ikulamberu , explained that the spelling competition which started in 2012 in Ondo is for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

According to him, the competition has increased to 25 states and FCT across the South East, South South and North Central/Northeast.

While addressing journalists in an interview at the event, he said that the competition is aimed to refocus and encourage students to showcase their hard work outside the classrooms environments.

He added that the extra curricular activities goes a long way in helping the students.

“ For us is a platform for us to reengineer to refocus and to bring up students both primary school pupils and secondary school students to be able to showcase their level of hard work and diligent outside of the classroom environment .

“Now we understand that the school has their own curriculum, weather we like it or not the extra curricular activities such as this competition will help .

According to him, the SPELL and THRILL which has been in existence for 10 years also had a UNESCO endorsement in 2017.

He explained that the UNESCO endorsement is based on media and literacy information which is suppose to educate populace, the parents, students, teachers.

“SPELL&THRILL! is an annual intervention based spelling competition organized for both private and public, primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. SPELL&THRILL! brings whole families together thereby helping to break intergenerational low educational and literacy skills. This has endeared SPELL&THRILL! as the leading literacy project of the new generation.

“As a corollary, in the year 2017, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) considered SPELL&THRILL! as an indubitable platform for the integration of the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Curriculum into Nigerian schools’ curriculum.

“UNESCO’s MIL curriculum is designed to combat the propagation of hate speech, fake news and terrorism while fostering proper use of the internet, intercultural dialogue and cohesion among citizens. The curriculum is also geared towards helping teachers become more pragmatic towards their role as educators in this regard.

Meanwhile, two regional winners emerged:
Saviour Onazi of Trophies International School, Minna, Niger State and Nwannadi Precious Chizaram of NUT Endwell Model Science School, Minna, Niger State.

For the 7th edition of the competition, the participatory schools in the Primary Schools category are: NECO Staff School, Niger state, Universal Kingdom Academy, Kogi state, Trophies International School, Niger State,and early Strides Preparatory Schools, Abuja.

Also for the secondary category are: Unique High School, Abuja, Living Spring International College, Abuja, and Universal Kingdom Academy, Kogi.

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Children’s Day: Bambini Africa Launches Educative Kids Games



Mariam Sanni

In it’s determination to promote children’s education and their development, the Bambini Africa Edutainment Limited, has launched five exciting new board games under its subsidiary, Bambini Games.

While speaking on the side line of 2023 Children’s day celebration, in Abuja  Founder of Bambini Africa, Raquel  Daniel disclosed that  the organization is a leading company with passion to promote children’s education and development.

She explained that the games is aim to foster play-based learning and engage young minds.

According to her, the  launch coinciding  with the celebration of Children’s Day, further highlighting the organization’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for African children.

“The first game in the series is GO CLEAN, which teaches children the significance of personal hygiene. Next in line is GO SAFE, which is aims to equip children with the knowledge and skills to navigate potentially hazardous situations confidently. Bambini Games also introduces GO FLOW, a game specifically designed for girls with the aim of breaking the taboo around menstruation and hygiene by providing girls with crucial knowledge and understanding of mental health.

“With GO GREEN, children will embark on an exciting journey of environmental awareness, with emphasis on the importance of sustainability, recycling, and protecting the planet. Lastly, there is GO LEAD, which focuses on developing leadership skills, ethics, and teamwork in children,” she said.

While expressing  her excitement about the release, she stated that Children’s Day is a perfect occasion to introduce these innovative board games that combine learning with fun. 

The Bambini boss said that the  team has put in immense effort to create captivating experiences that will not only entertain children but also contribute to their overall development.

“Bambini Africa is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality educational products for children. By leveraging play-based learning, the company has successfully made education enjoyable and interactive for young learners. Bambini Games’ board games align with this vision, providing a valuable resource for parents, educators, and children seeking enriching experiences. 

“The launch of these five board games marks a significant milestone for us Bambini Africa and Bambini Games. We believe the board games will offer an immersive platform for children to learn, explore, and grow, empowering them with valuable life skills.” Daniel added.

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