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My Boyhood Dream Was to Own a Football Club – Sunday Dare



Sunday Dare has recounted how his boyhood dream led to establishment of Black Scorpions FC.

Dare on Tuesday stated that he has fulfilled that lifelong dream with the unveiling of Black Scorpions FC of Ogbomoso.

The event, which brought together esteemed guests from far and wide, marked a significant milestone in Dare’s journey as a sports enthusiast and visionary leader.

Reflecting on his childhood passion for sports, he expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to establish a football club that not only nurtures young talent but also serves as a unifying force within communities. His inspiration stemmed from fond memories of attending matches with his elder brother, where he witnessed firsthand the captivating power of sports to transcend barriers and unite people.

“As a young boy, I was captivated by the electrifying atmosphere of football matches,” Dare reminisced. “The unity and camaraderie it fostered among people left an indelible mark on me, igniting a lifelong ambition to create a similar platform for aspiring athletes and societal cohesion.”

Drawing from his experience in sports administration, Dare acknowledged the challenges inherent in launching and sustaining a venture like Black Scorpions FC. He emphasized the critical role of passion in driving success, recognizing the collective effort required to overcome financial and logistical hurdles.

“I am humbled to embark on this journey, knowing the immense dedication and resources it demands,” Dare remarked. “But with unyoielding passion and the support of our community, I am confident that Black Scorpions FC will flourish, empowering our youth and fostering national pride.”

In his closing remarks, Dare extended heartfelt appreciation to all attendees and stakeholders who graced the launch, with the special guest of honour being the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Ghandi Olaoye. Others included esteemed ex-internationals such as Olademeji Lawal, Prince Henry George, and Oladunni Oyekale. He also issued a rallying call to private individuals and corporate entities to invest in sports as a catalyst for national development.

“As we embark on this exciting adventure, I urge all stakeholders to join hands in nurturing the talent and potential of our youth,” Dare urged. “Together, we can harness the transformative power of sports to build a stronger, more inclusive society.”

With the launch ceremony concluded, Dare conveyed his best wishes to the Black Scorpions FC as they embark on their maiden season this weekend, symbolizing a new chapter in the rich tapestry of Ogbomosoland and Oyo State.

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Ministry of Sports unveils partnership with Yanga Games



Joel Ajayi

Towards creating a new dawn for Nigerian Sports, the Federal Ministry of Sports has signed a landmark agreement with top lottery company Yanga Games to raise the revenue profile of the Ministry and ensure a new deal for the welfare of athletes.

Speaking during the unveiling of the partnership between the Ministry and Yanga Games in Lagos on Friday, Chairman/CEO of Yanga Games Mr Derrick David Kentebe said “We are so super excited by this opportunity to work with the Ministry of Sports Development to change the narrative about Sports in the country. We see an opportunity for marketing our athletes and sports generally. We shall avail ourselves of the best use of this unique and special partnership. We shall pursue this mandate with vigor, passion, and unrivaled commitment to bring benefits to all the critical stakeholders.

The agreement according to Kentebe will provide support for retired athletes, enhance grassroots sports Development, and advance the potential of special athletes.a

He assured that ” Yanga Games can raise funds on behalf of the Ministry of Sports for athletes’ Development, endorsement, and sponsorship deals for athletes”.

Minister of Sports Senator John Owan Enoh assured that the Ministry has total and absolute confidence in YangaGames to deliver on the given mandate.

“Gone are the era when we depended solely on the government to fund sports development. We are partnering with YangaGames to bring maximum benefits to the athletes and all critical stakeholders. We shall give institutional encouragement and support to the Management of Yanga Games to succeed in this onerous task of rebuilding our sports sub-sector.”

Kentebe said ” We shall raise about 34 Billion in the next four years to assist athletes and improve sports in the country. We shall help to develop grassroots sports and sustain youth involvement through raffle draws, fund raisers, and other avenues.

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