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Nigeria-China Relations: Nigerian envoy in Shanghai highlights opportunities, others



By John Okeke

Recently, the Consulate General of Nigeria in Shanghai, China organized a townhall meeting.

The theme of  meeting was tagged ‘Exploring Opportunities for Nigerians in East China: Consular Support’.

In his opening remarks, the Nigeria’s Consul-General in Shanghai,  Chimezie Okeoma Ogu, stated that the reason for the convening of the meeting was the goodwill effort of the Consulate to highlight and bring to the fore the inherent opportunities available as well as the challenges  pose to Nigerian students and businessmen in host country often encounter to succeed in China. He stated that hitherto, the impression was that Nigerians living in China suffered lots harassment, attack and intimidation while pursuing their businesses legitimately.

 According to Amb. Ogu, “the story is now different as many Nigerians are doing well in various fields of endeavours such in Academia, Corporate world, businesses and others. That’s the reason behind the assemblage of these myriad of guest speakers to talk and share in their experiences, and trajectory of your success stories in China.”

Continuing, the Consul General stated that the Consulate has intervened and corporated with  several hardworking Nigerians to record successes in their chosen profession.

He mentioned that the Mission recently supported two Nigerian nationals in their quest to be granted permanent resident citizenship by issuing appropriate Notes on their behalf to host Foreign Ministry.

The two receiptant of the Permanent resident card visited the Mission to thank the Consul General as a show of gratitude for the Consulate support in their journey of application to be granted their permanent residency in China.

Furthermore, the Consul General  reiterated the need for the townhall meeting as  follow up to the first maiden edition was to bring all Nigerians under one family group and   to create awareness as well as enlighten Nigerian nationals on the peculiarities of doing business in China as well as the prevailing  risks so as to be equipped with the knowledge and information necessary to guide them towatds the part of success while doing their legitimate business hitch-free.

On the welfare of Nigerians in his areas of jurisdiction, the Consul General stated ,”the Mission very often has had to intervene in supporting  in stranded Nigerians financially such as in settling medically receipts and consumables. Stipends to released intimates who are freed from detention who found themselves in difficult situations to enable return to Nigeria.”

 Amb. Ogu cited a recent occurrence of a student who was deceased and the Mission assisted and repatriated the remains to the family back home in Nigeria. He also stated that the Mission engaged the insurance firm in host country to redeem the deceased insurance claims which the Consulate successfully executed and the insurance claims was paid to the Mission and the money was released and transfered to the family back in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the Consul General stated the duty of the Consulate is to protect is to ensure the protection of  lives and properties of Nigerians in China.

The meeting witnessed the participation of 50  Nigerians both in China and Nigeria during the online town hall meeting. All the guest speakers shared their personal experiences and encouraged Nigerians living in China work hard  and be law abiding.

Prof Yekini Shehu shared his career experience in the academic institutions in China and expressed particularly the fair and accepted promotion procedures in China based on merit. Chief Ibe Udensi who is successful in the textile and logistics business in China challenged Nigerians doing business in China to be honest in their business dealings in host country while obeying the laws of the land.

Mr A. M. Dogondaji, the Consular affairs officer in the Consulate also spoke about the need for Nigerians to assess the inherent opportunities within the laws of  host’s Consular policies for a meaningful successful living in China. Others who spoke during the Townhall meeting were Engr. Chidi Osisioma of LandRover, a British auto company in Shanghai. Engr. Nathinel, the President of NIDO and others participants who made laudable contributions during the meeting.

In his closing remarks, Mr Tafik Coker, Consular officer in charge of Education, information and Culture  thanked His Excellency, Mr. Chimezie Okeoma Ogu for organizing the insightful townhall meeting, as well as all  the participants and panelists who contributed to the success of the meeting. He stated that the Mission is working hard since the reopening of Chinese birder to   recalibrate the promotion, cooperation and collaborations between Nigerian and Chinese universities especially in the education sector.

The meeting came to a close as the  Consul General thanked everyone that participated in the meeting. He promised that the Mission will continue to articulate ideas on ways to further the welfare of Nigerians living in China to enable them succeed.

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Foreign news

Xi, Putin sign joint statement on deepening comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era



Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly signed and released here on Tuesday the Joint Statement of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation on Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era at the Kremlin in Moscow.

In the statement, the two sides pointed out that China-Russia relations are not the kind of military-political alliance during the Cold War, but transcend such a model of state-to-state relations and have the nature of no-alliance, no-confrontation and not targeting any third party.

They said that different countries have different histories, cultures and national conditions, and they all have the right to choose their own development path. There is no such a thing as a superior “democracy.” The Russian side highly regards the Global Civilization Initiative proposed by the Chinese side.

The Russian side in the statement reaffirms its adherence to the one-China principle, recognizes Taiwan as an inalienable part of Chinese territory, opposes any form of “Taiwan independence,” and firmly supports China’s measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Both sides agree to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement such as preventing the “color revolution,” and cracking down on the “three forces” including the “East Turkistan Islamic Movement,” transnational organized crime, economic crime and drug crime.

The two, according to the statement, will build a closer partnership for energy cooperation, support enterprises of both sides in promoting energy cooperation projects such as oil and gas, coal, electricity and nuclear energy, and promote the implementation of initiatives that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the use of low-emission energy and renewable energy.

They will also jointly safeguard international energy security including the security of key cross-border infrastructure, and maintain the stability of industry and supply chains of energy products.

Russia spoke highly of the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and will continue to participate in the work of the Group of Friends of the GDI.

The two countries call on an objective, impartial and professional investigation into the explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline, said the statement, adding that they jointly oppose the attempt to politicize origin tracing of viruses.

China and Russia express serious concerns about the consequences and risks of the trilateral security partnership – AUKUS and related nuclear-powered submarine cooperation programs among the United States, Britain and Australia on regional strategic stability.

The two sides strongly urge AUKUS members to strictly fulfill their obligations of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, and safeguard regional peace, stability and development.

They also express serious concern about Japan’s plan to discharge nuclear-contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident into the sea this year, and stressed that Japan must conduct transparent and full consultations with neighboring countries and other stakeholders and relevant international agencies.

The two sides urged Japan to properly handle the nuclear-contaminated water in a scientific, transparent and safe manner, and accept the long-term supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency and related countries, so as to effectively protect the marine environment and the rights to health of people of all countries.

Also in the statement, the two sides expressed serious concern about the biological military activities of the United States, both inside and outside the country, which seriously threaten other countries and undermine the security of relevant regions. They demand that the United States make clarification on this, and refrain from carrying out all biological activities that violate the Biological Weapons Convention.

The two sides urge NATO to abide by its commitments as a regional and defensive organization, and call on NATO to respect the sovereignty, security, interests as well as diversity of civilizations, history and culture of other countries, and treat their peaceful development in an objective and fair manner.

They also express serious concern about NATO’s continuous strengthening of military security ties with Asian-Pacific countries and undermining regional peace and stability. The two sides oppose piecing together a closed and exclusive group structure in the region, and stirring group politics and camp confrontation.

China and Russia, said the statement, express concern over the situation in the Korean Peninsula, and urge the U.S. side to respond to the legitimate and reasonable concerns of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with practical actions and create conditions for the resumption of dialogues.

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