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Our Herbs Are A Huge Blessing From God – Dr Ben Anodu



Dr. Benjamin Amodu is an expert in python-medicinal research and is known internationally for his alternative medicine remedies to various diseases. In this interview with newsmen, he expresses his firm belief that with the political will of government, these herbs our country is blessed with can make Nigeria become a hub for pharmaceuticals with most countries of the world coming to us for solutions to many ailments.

As a graduate of Industrial Pharmacy, what motivated you to go into alternative medicine?

I am an industrial pharmacist because I was looking forward to manufacturing my own drugs in the future, and at the time of graduation we heard that the World Health Organisation, WHO, was looking more toward herbal medicine, so the a need to change gear.

Despite having an abundance of natural resources or raw materials for alternative medicine, why do you think Nigeria is still backward in this regard?

Well, we need someone with the political will to make us succeed. You know in every situation, political will is the issue. The manufacturing countries or advanced countries of the world have a way of cowing people into only believing in what they’re doing. I was the first to tell the world through a Guardian newspaper interview in 2003 how I manufacture my cures for most of the illnesses from bitter leaf and about 10, 15 years later we see the United States of America, USA, now manicuring bitter leaf and people are queuing up to buy them in supermarkets and in stores, so that’s the kind of country we have but I think with President Tinubu, it is going to be different.

He looks like a very knowledgeable person to the extent that he saw herbal drugs and made a comment that this would bridge the gap between the dollar and the Naira. That shows the level of intelligence and I think it shows he has the political will to take action in this regard.

I remember you wrote to the Ministry of health and other agencies under it about your cure for COVID-19 even before Nigeria recorded its index case. How far with the clinical trials?

There is no clinical trials because we applied for the trials and paid for it but up till now, we have not heard any response as to go on or not. But the good thing is that we have cured people with the same product and it’s all over the internet and the whole world is aware that Nigeria has the solution for COVID-19: call it long-term COVID, or any strain of COVID, we are specifically into the research for viruses so anyhow the virus changes, we have the solution.

Tell us briefly about your experience with the cure for COVID-19.

Everybody who has come here for issues relating to COVID-19 has had the situation resolved. When they do it in America or in Europe, they make claims of the cures but when we do it here they say we shouldn’t say so. I don’t know why, but this is my intellectual property and as a lawyer, I don’t think anybody can challenge me. I cure those disease conditions and people are on the internet saying it. Can you imagine someone who had prostate enlargement and has been to all the important hospitals in India to no avail, but he took our products and he got relief? He is saying this himself, I am not the one saying it for him. So evidence they say, is the end of the argument.

How would you describe your relationship with, and the acceptance of your work by the government agencies like NIPRD and…

(cuts in) No no no! You know in Nigeria we are always like that; always downplaying our notable and laudable achievements and sweeping them under the carpet but with this new government like I have been saying, we think they mean business so we pray to have a change in the attitude of the government. I don’t want to talk about all those past relationships. Not only myself but others like me are all looking forward to the future and we hope to see many more positive things for herbal medicine.

Where do you see Nigeria in the next 50 years with regard to alternative medicine?

I can see Nigeria in the next 50 years as a hub in pharmaceuticals with most countries of the world coming to us for solutions to many ailments and diseases.

What are some of the diseases that your products cure?

Well, you know before now, diabetes which is an auto-immune disease as well as a hormonal imbalance, can’t be managed but our medication cures it to the extent of reducing the sugar level to normal, and all the adverse effects caused by the modern pills or by the disease itself are completely resolved. Issues like quick ejaculation, generalized pain of the body, and issues of the eyes, legs, and hands are all resolved.

Even cases of diabetic ulcer which is not curable anywhere in the world by orthodox medicine that leads to amputation are resolved without the need to amputate. Can you imagine the reputation this singular cure will create for Nigeria before the whole world, where we cure this without the need for amputation?

Glaucoma which is an increase in the intra-ocular pressure of the eye is resolved here to normal without operative procedure. Or is it cataract that we remove with our treatment without surgical operation?

Or even in the kidney end disease which we resolve without transplant, and without dialysis. With our treatment, the kidneys repair themselves and are rejuvenated back to optimum performance and the patient recovers. What can we say about this cure, with kidney disease having become a major issue across the globe? Or do you talk of Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E where we are told that about two billion people have been infected with the hepatitis B virus alone, that’s about one out of three persons? That approximately 1.5 million people become newly infected each year; almost 300 million people are chronically infected, yet only about 10% of infected individuals are diagnosed, so it is unknown to about 90% of the sufferers. But we have a cure from herbs that resolve the hepatitis. You can go to my Facebook page and see verifiable testimonies from people we have cured of Hepatitis.

Or is it an issue of HIV/AIDS that the viral load is brought down to nil and the patient does not experience the viral load increasing again, and the CD4 count recovers to about 900 to 1000?

Or is it tuberculosis that we have treated patients with TB and HIV, and in the third week of treatment the TB disappears? This is TB that is treated for 9 months with 9 different chemical cocktails.

In the case of sickle cell anemia, we treated a man who had undergone over four blood transfusions, but since the daughter has been on our treatment, she has not visited any hospital because she has not fallen sick. What about those whose genotype changed from SS to either AS or AA as the case may be? The testimonies are all there for the world to verify. But I want to state here that people’s bodies respond differently: while some respond early, others might have a delayed response. But the most important thing is to continue your medication until God who heals brings your own healing.

Look at the prostrate that killed James Brown in those days. He had to undergo six prostrate operations. In the cases of surgical operations, the prostrate will always grow back, but we have gotten a final hammer on the prostrate that a person who urinates up to 10 times in one night can take our medication and within just two or three days, the urination will come down to only once or twice as the case may be. Is that not a major achievement?

Finally, what is your message to Nigerians?

My message is that let us have a very huge hope in our herbs which God has endowed on us based on our location on the geography of the earth. This is a huge blessing God has given us and some of us have researched into them. It is just left for us to believe in them. So let us join hands with the government and move this country forward and get people all over the world to make Nigeria the destination for medical tourism as we reverse the incessant trips to India, China, Egypt, and all the other destinations.

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Nigerians Cry Out Over Quackery In Health Sector



………. It’s A Major Cause Of Disabilities, PWDs Lament

Federal and state governments and regulatory agencies have been tasked to adopt more stringent measures to curb medical quackery bedevilling Nigeria’s health sector.

The President of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN), Dr. Casimir Ifeanyi, led the call for the Federal Ministry of Health and their counterparts in the 36 states of the federation to intensify the fight against quacks during the anti-corruption radio programme, PUBLIC CONSCIENCE, produced by PRIMORG, on Wednesday in Abuja.

Dr. Ifeanyi, who was reacting to an investigative report by Daily Trust exposing several cases of Nigerians suffering different kinds of deformities as a result of widespread quackery in the health sector, noted that “medical quackery is a major health menace in developing countries and a big illicit business in Nigeria’s health industry.”

He blamed the quackery in Nigeria on the government’s failure to protect citizens, lack of political will to follow through with the legal framework, and failure of regulatory bodies to play their roles effectively.  Adding that “the problem of quackery in the health sector is not the lack of punishment. Rather arresting quacks is a bigger challenge”.

On what government and regulatory agencies must do to stem the tide of quackery, He said,” a whole lot needs to be done by the regulatory agencies and by the Federal Ministry of Health and the State Ministries of Health.

“We need to educate people on signs that an individual is a quack and how to credential the facility or individual so that I can have the confidence to receive service. All that is not being done and what makes us professional is because, inherently, we can decide to regulate. Anytime the systemic regulation is compromised, quacks will have a field day.

“Regulation needs to be more effective and more periodic, and there has got to be public health education.”

The medical practitioner picked holes in the law guiding the operation of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), saying, “There’s some lacuna in the powers of MDCN If so far the council cannot walk into a hospital, particularly a private hospital to check the documents of the practicing doctors, then something is wrong because right now they can only do that through the state ministry of health. That is a major lacuna”.

“Our problem is that we have legal frameworks and institutional frameworks for unfortunately, there is the scarcity of political will to give effect to the provisions in our laws, to the policies of the government that we have. The problem we have here is that these regulatory agencies are not doing enough. They are not living up to the mandate that set them up,” Dr Ifeanyi stressed.

On his part, a disability inclusion expert, Chris Obiora, while urging for a stiffer penalty against quackery in the health sector, disclosed that the ugly act has contributed to the number of millions of persons with disabilities in the country, adding that people are getting deformed due to quackery and negligence by health practitioners.

On the reforms needed to address medical quackery, Obiora said, “The Ministry of Health and some of these associations like the Medical Laboratory Association of Nigeria should take it more seriously.

“The government should take the arrest of quacks more seriously because, as far as I’m concerned, they have done more harm than good, so they should have more penalties for such actions, and by that, I mean penalties that will be more serious than what we have already.

Obiora called for awareness of the dangers of quackery in the health profession, stressing that awareness must be created for people to be able to understand and know how to identify quacks, especially in rural areas.

Speaking earlier during the radio programme, Daily Trust reporter Usman Bello Balarabe blamed regulatory failures for the booming quackery business in the health sector. He stated that unlike what is obtainable in other countries, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) portal does not show licensed medical practitioners, which can aid in identifying certified doctors

“When compared to their counterparts in other countries like Kenya who have published the lists of every licensed medical practitioner in the country and have a mechanism where confirmation of a medical practitioner’s license is possible and easy, Nigeria Medical Association’s portal doesn’t have the list of licensed medical practitioners, and this encourages quackery, Balarabe stated.

Public Conscience is a syndicated weekly anti-corruption radio program PRIMORG uses to draw government and citizens’ attention to corruption and integrity issues in Nigeria.

The program has the support of the MacArthur Foundation.

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