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Rivers International Marathon: A Gateway to Global Spotlight on River State, Says Governor Fubara



…Promising Talent Cultivation and Economic Boost

Joel Ajayi

Governor Similanayi Fubara of Rivers State has unequivocally affirmed that the upcoming Rivers State International Marathon is poised to captivate the global spotlight and shine a positive light on the state.

His declaration came during a meticulously organized press conference in Port Harcourt, River State, aimed at updating the media on the extensive lineup of activities slated for the international marathon, set to take place on May 18, 2024.

Represented by the esteemed Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Barrister Christopher Green elaborated on the multifaceted benefits of the international marathon. He underscored
its pivotal role in combating social vices, particularly among the youth, citing the allure of cash prizes as a compelling incentive for young participants.

Furthermore,the commissioner emphasized the ripple effect of talent discovery that the event promises, foreseeing a surge in local talent development as a direct result of participation.

Expanding on the economic front, the governor highlighted the myriad opportunities that will emerge for local businesses during the marathon’s preparation phase and on the event day itself. Anticipating brisk commercial activity, Barrister Green envisaged a boost to the state’s economy, with local enterprises poised to thrive amidst the influx of participants and spectators.

Crucially, the marathon serves as a powerful platform to showcase the state’s exemplary security credentials. As international athletes descend upon Nigeria from various corners of the globe, they will bear witness to Rivers State’s status as a secure haven, thereby dispelling any lingering doubts and bolstering investor confidence in the region’s safety.

Moreover, beyond its economic and security implications, the marathon provides an invaluable opportunity to celebrate and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Rivers State. By spotlighting indigenous traditions and customs, the event promises to invigorate the tourism sector, enticing visitors to explore the state’s vibrant tapestry of cultures.

Echoing the governor’s sentiments, project consultant Femi Abegunde of Arch Raphael Limited lauded the marathon as a trailblazing endeavor that sets a benchmark for future athletic endeavors in Nigeria and beyond. He underscored the inclusivity of the event, with special provisions made to accommodate and challenge indigenous athletes to surpass existing records set by their Nigerian counterparts in marathons nationwide.

Abegunde went further by revealing the plan for local athletes saying the introduction of the Nigerian elite prize tag underscores the commitment to fostering local talent and elevating the country’s standing in the global marathon community. As Governor Fubara reaffirmed, the Rivers State International Marathon is not merely a race; it is a catalyst for positive change, uniting communities, promoting athleticism, and propelling Rivers State onto the world stage with pride and distinction

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Incredible Agada Bundles Fiorentina out of Viareggio Cup



A Nigerian 17 years old Striker of Mavlon’s Football Club Charles Agada, in Tuesday in Italy orchestrated the exit of italian club Florentina out of the 2024 Viareggio Cup tournamentp courtesy of hatrick.
Fiorentina’s defence got a doze of the lethal injection from Agada when he scored in the 40th minute to give Mavlon 1-0 advantage going into the break.

He scored his brace in the 65th minute, but any thought of Mavlon being in a cruise control in the game was not seen, as Fiorentina clawed back with a goal in the 71st minute from Maiorana

The Italians piled more pressure and were rewarded with an equaliser in the 90th minute to the excitement of football fans.

The game had the signature of a very round 16 tough knockout fixture and when both teams were thinking of extra time and possible lottery of penalties,  Agada, who was configured to score goals net the heart- breaking goal two minutes into stoppage time to seal a quarter- final passage for marvellous Mavlon FC.

The young striker, who is the captain of his team, has scored seven goals in four games at the on- going Viareggio Cup to make him the leading top scorer at this year’s edition.

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