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Senate President Akpabio urged to reposition Public Complaint Commission



By Abdulateef Bamgbose

The Senate President, Godswill Akpabio has been called.upon to come to the rescue of the public complaint commission (PCC).

The National coordinator of the Network for Peoples Congress (NPC), Malam Ladan Mohammed who made the call argued that there is the need to reposition the PCC to ensure service delivery to Nigerians.

The right group maintained that the PCC has not lived up to its mandate basically as a result of poor funding and management.

The group noted: “No doubt, the 10th Assembly is facing numerous challenges as the Legislature tries to settle down to face the business of law making and preservation of the constitution.

“However, the quiet and of most important task before Akpabio is helping Nigerians get Justice. Justice is not only served at the courts of law but total adherence to laid down rules and principles in all sphere guarantees Justice, most especially social justice.

“The National Assembly is the protector and custodian of democracy, democratic values and social justice. The National Assembly is open to complaints from Nigerians from every part via their representatives in the Senate and the Federal House of Representatives.

“These complaints are brought before the National Assembly and are discussed and looked into in the chambers of National Assembly or at ad-hoc committee levels.

“These channel is not easily accessible to generality of Nigerians who have myriad of Complaints. This is because most people do not have easy access to their representatives.

“The National Assembly in its efforts to resolve complaints from Nigerians in every sphere, has an agency which is constitutionally mandated to address cases of maladministration and proffer solutions to this complaints.

“The Public Complaints Commission is the National Assembly agency mandated to investigate cases of social and administrative injustice for Nigerians, free of charge.
The Commission is empowered to help Nigerians get justice perpetrated by either government official or authority, private organisation or between persons.

Our checks revealed that apart from funding, the Commission has been plaqued with bad leadership over the years. Leadership of the National Assembly also contributed to the poor state of the Commission as a result of their neglect of an agency which is an extension of the National Assembly.

“In the last 8 years, the Commission’s staff under their Labour Unions has embarked on about 4 industrial strike actions demanding for payment of their promotional arrears, better welfare and better workplace condition.

“The 10th Assembly under the leadership of Senator Godswill Akpabio unarguably has a lot to do in order to revive the almost dead Ombudsman of the country. This will boost the confidence of the ordinary Nigerians in getting social Justice in this renewed hope administration.

“Strengthening the Public Complaints Commission by the Akpabio led 10th Assembly in all ramifications will go a long way in calming the already highly tensed and negative perception of the 10th Assembly.

“The Public Complaints Commission is not just an agency supervised by the National Assembly but totally belongs to the National Assembly In all ramifications and the neglect it has faced over the years largely contributes to its comatose state.

“Senator Godswill Akpabio as the chairman of the 10th National Assembly has a date with destiny. It’s up to him to take charge and control of the Public Complaints Commission for efficient service delivery to Nigerians.

“This task must be fulfilled now and not later. The importance of efficient and responsive Ombudsman institution can not be overemphasized. Tik tok says the clock!!”

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Zobis Cable CEO, John Ezeobi Visits Alma Mater, Vows to Transform it in 2 Months



Joel Ajayi

Renowned Anambra industrialist and CEO of Zobis Cables Ltd, Engr. John Ezeobi, on Wednesday, 19th June,2024, paid a surprise visit to his alma mater, Ede Secondary School in Okoti, Odekpe, Ogbaru LGA of Anambra State, to assess the school’s infrastructure.

Ezeobi, who attended the school from 2001 to 2003 and served as the Senior Prefect, was touched by the decaying infrastructure, particularly the school’s vulnerability to flooding during the rainy season. He said he was approached by the school’s owners to buy the property, but he declined, wanting to preserve the institutional legacy. He equally stated that the school harbours some part of his childhood memories and most importantly shaped him into what he is today in the society.

Despite the school being a private school, Ezeobi was moved to intervene, as the deteriorating infrastructure and environmental challenges posed significant obstacles to learning.

He has planned a two-phase project, which includes rebuilding classroom blocks, constructing modern toilets, and implementing flood control measures.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed within two months, after which the company will move on to the second stage which is expected to gulp several million of naira.

The industrialist expressed optimism that the impact on the school’s 350 students and new enrollments will have a positive effect on the community.

The project is being carried out under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Ezeobi’s company, Zobis Cables Industries Ltd.

The school’s administration has commended Ezeobi’s generosity, expressing excitement and a sense of rejuvenation as the institution returns to life through the efforts of one of its alumni.

Ede Secondary School was founded in 1994 by Chief Dr. Elder John Ugboma Okei (Ede 1 of Odekpe).

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