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Stop Telling Lies”- KLM warns Kida



The Kwese League Management board has not taken the allegations by the NBBF caretaker committee chairman, Musa Kida lying low, describing him of incompetence to run the Premier Basketball League.

Kwese League Management director, Ajibarede Bello, said there is nothing stopping Musa Kida-led faction of NBBF from running their own league except they are looking for an excuse to escape from their incapability to run the league.

“There is nothing stopping them from running their league, this is just an excuse to escape from running a league they are clearly incapable of running.

“The exercise is nothing but a ploy to begin to deal with perceived opponents.

At the time the Secretary of the caretaker committee wrote, the board was already dissolved and the letter should have been directed to the person who appointed Olumide Oyedeji to head the league board,” Bello said.

Bello insisted that there is still an existing NBBF faction led by Tijjani Umar since the process started by the world body, FIBA, has not been concluded.

He said legal consultations are ongoing to refile the case since it was struck out for lack of jurisdiction.

“There is still an NBBF faction led by Tijjani Umar since the process started by FIBA is not yet conclusive.

“Legal consultations are ongoing and the league board would respond at the appropriate time.

The case was struck out for lack of jurisdiction and nothing was denied us.

The judge advised us to refile the case.”

* Cedit Leadership Newspaper.

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Re:NYSC Shuns Applications By Southern Medical Corps Members Who “Desperately” Want To Redeploy From North Due To Insecurity



The attention of NYSC Management has been drawn to a story with the above caption, making the rounds on social media. The write-up is a misrepresentation of facts.

In a statement issued by the NYSC’s Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations Emeka Mgbemena on Sunday in Abuja said the report is misrepresentation of facts.

According to the statement, in accordance with the Relocation Policy of the Scheme, the exercise is carried out based on two grounds, namely; Marital and Health grounds.

Relocation on the ground of marriage is applicable only to female Corps Members. On the ground of health, the Corps Member’s medical history must be presented, with a written application.

It is imperative to state that in NYSC, all lives matter, just like the Director-General has emphasised on so many fora. The safety and well-being of Corps Members and members of staff remains of paramount importance to the Corps.

However, Corps Members at all times must also be security conscious and never treat their safety with levity, by unduly putting themselves in harm’s way through risky behaviours.

Rest assured, the Scheme in all matters on deployment of Corps Members, relies strictly on the advisories from the security agencies.

It is therefore advisable for clarifications to be sought from the Scheme on issues pertaining to its operations, to avoid the error of inaccurate reportage, or outright spread of falsehood and misinformation.

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