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Technology, Innovation Center will bring industrial transformation, National PProsperity-Buhari



Joel Ajayi

President Muhammadu Buharihas revealed that the newly commissioned Technology Innovation Center TIC  remain a beginning of new era for scientific excellence, industrial transformation and national prosperity to Nigeria a country.

The newly launched  Prof. H.D.Ibrahim Technology and Innovation Center, located inside Obasanjo Space Center(RMRDC R&D Center) by NASDA office, Airport Road, it has over 33 facilities such as pilot plant for production of Shea Butter, Phytomedicine Pilot Plant, High Speed Counter-Current Chromatography, Capsule Filling Room, Personal Protective Equipment Laboratory, Simulation/additive Manufacturing laboratory, Castor Oil and Derivatives Pilot Plant, Sodium Silicate Pilot Plant amongst other.

The projects through Raw Materials Research and Development Council RMRDC under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations will no doubt meet the yearning of many Local producers to boost productivity

He stated this on Friday in Abuja at the official Commissioning of TIC of all strata of science and technology that will no doubt bring economic prosperity and sustainable development to the country at large.

The President who was represented by the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovations Dr. Sen. Adeleke Mamora expressed that  the Complex is embodies of Federal Government vision of creating a thriving ecosystem where research, innovation and entrepreneurship converge. 

According to him, it is with great pleasure and a deep sense of honour that I stand before you today as we gather to commission the remarkable Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) Technology and Innovation Complex.

“This occasion symbolizes our nation’s unwavering commitment to scientific and technological advancement, heralding a new era of possibilities for Nigeria.

“The commissioning of the RMRDC Technology and Innovation Complex is a significant milestone in our journey towards industrialization and technological self-reliance. It stands as a symbol of our dedication to harnessing our raw materials for economic prosperity and sustainable development.

“Today, we witness the birth of an incubation centre that will foster innovation, nurture cutting-edge technologies and accelerate the commercialization of projects that hold the key to our industrial future. RMRDC Technology and Innovation Complex will serve as a vibrant hub for collaboration as well as Research and Development (R&D) intatives to propel Nigeria to a global player in technological advancement and industrial transformation 

“It will act as a model and pilot plant development centre, showcasing the tangible outcomes of the pioneering Research and Development (R&D) efforts of the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC). These initiatives will inspire and guide other researchers, entrepreneurs and investors in translating innovative ideas into practical solutions.”

He added that, the  Complex will catalyse private sector involvement in harnessing the potential of our indigenous technologies for raw materials processing. 

“Today’s commissioning ceremony marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our nation’s scientific and technological advancement. Let us seize this opportunity to collaborate, innovate and create a future that harnesses the full potential of our raw materials. Together, we will build a self-reliant and prosperous Nigeria that leads in global technological innovation.” He said
President Buhari however heap huge praises on Raw Materials Research and Development Council RMRDC under the able leadership Prof. H.D Ibrahim for their contribution toward realization of the complex, urged them to embarked on aggressive advocacy and awareness for the TIC.

Speaking at the occasion was the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Mrs Monilola Udoh who thanked President Buhari for championing STI in the nation.

She expressed that the Complex would go a long way to help harness the potential of Nigeria’s raw materials to drive economic growth and build prosperous Nigeria.

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Technology and Innovation

SPPG Leads The Way-Embraces Innovative Blockchain-Based Certificate Verification System



Jeph Ajayi

 The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG), an unconventional school designed to attract, develop and produce a new generation of political leaders has announced the implementation of a cutting-edge blockchain-based certificate verification system.

The SPPG is the first school in Nigeria to model this initiative. The blockchain aims to enhance the security, transparency, and accessibility of academic credentials, ensuring the integrity of student achievements.

The blockchain will respond to the proliferation of digital credentials and the increasing prevalence of credential fraud. The SPPG recognizes the importance of adopting advanced technologies to safeguard the value of its certifications.

By leveraging blockchain technology, the school is revolutionizing the way academic achievements are verified, providing stakeholders with a secure and immutable record of students’ accomplishments.

Unlike traditional verification methods that rely on centralized databases susceptible to tampering and unauthorized access, the blockchain-based system offers a decentralized and transparent solution.
Each certificate issued by SPPG is securely recorded on the blockchain, creating a tamper-proof digital ledger that can be accessed and verified by authorized parties from anywhere in the world.

“VX Technologies’s blockchain platform revolutionized our academic credential management process at the SPPG. Its user-friendly interface made it incredibly easy to use, while its functionality elevated the entire verification process. With VX Technologies, we have streamlined certificate management, ensuring efficiency.” Says the CEO Alero Ayida-Otobo.

The benefits of the blockchain-based certificate verification system extend beyond security and transparency. It also streamlines the verification process, reducing administrative burdens for employers, academic institutions, and other stakeholders. With instant access to verified academic credentials, employers can make informed hiring decisions more efficiently, while students can seamlessly share their achievements with prospective employers and academic institutions.

Furthermore, the adoption of blockchain technology aligns with SPPG’s commitment to innovation and excellence. By embracing emerging technologies, the school is preparing its students for the digital future and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

As SPPG continues to lead the way as an unconventional school of politics, policy and governance, the implementation of the blockchain-based certificate verification system reaffirms its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and transparency.

About SPPG
The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) is an unconventional school designed to attract, develop and produce a new generation of political leaders who will listen and serve the new class of citizens who know their rights.

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