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Vote for me in Edo Guber primaries,. Feb 17th you will not regret it” Umakhihe tells Etsako West, Central and East



…promises to develop solid minerals provide good education, tackle security others

The Gubernatorial aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe on Friday visited Etsako west (Auchi), Etsako  Central (Fugar) and Etsako East (Agenebode) L. G. A in Edo State. 

Umakhihe promised to develop solid minerals, in order to boost employment of youths. 

“This land is known for a lot of solid minerals, we have to develop it. We will develop our solid minerals and all our Youths will be employed.

He explained that Edo north is blessed with a lot of solid minerals and he will get investors who will genuinely work with him to explore and develop it for the benefit of his people.

On Education Umakhihe promised to fix the educational system in Edo state.

“I know the problem of our school and I don talk say I go do everything to make sure our children get good education “

Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe during his visit also told the people that apart from the things he could do through the government he promised to also continue helping and empowering the less privileged and several  schools through his Caridad Ernesto foundation in Auchi and Imighotuo Foundation with headquarters in Otuo, Owan East L.G.A.

In the area of Health, Umakhihe says “Primary health is a concern for me”
He emphasized that the primary health centers will be well equipped with basic amenities,  trained nurses and doctors in the health system so that it will be the first point of call to those sick. They won’t need to keep running anymore to the tertiary health institutions, for ailments which should be treated around them.
In the Area of Security  Umakhihe stated that he had the blue print to solve their security issues through his vast professional knowledge and qualifications in having a PhD in security and strategy. 
“I know security is a problem,  we will gather intelligence and use. Kidnapping and abduction in afemai land will be a thing of the past if I can be able to be the governor of Edo state by your power and the grace of God”

On Agriculture he bortressed his extensive qualifications and skills which makes him the perfect candidate to take Edo state Agriculture to its maximum level through mechanized processes, proper land preparation, irrigation and cultivating of areable land, throughout the year.

He reminded them that he knew what to do to bring edo state out of its bad state because he had served for 35 years and was personally commended by mr president for his meritorious service after his 35 years of hard and stainless work in the fed civil service. 

He pleaded for their support to vote him as their candidate on the 17th of February and they will never look back to regret it.

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Leadership: Power Rotation in Edo State will bring more Unity, fairness-Edo Vibrant Volunteers



Jeph Ajayi
A group known  as Edo Vibrant Volunteers has called for a rotating leadership positions among different regions or groups within our state saying that  the rotation  will no doubt  promote unity, fairness, and a sense of belonging among all citizens. 

In statement jointly signed by Amb Charity OsagieCoordinator, Prince Smart Okosun Dep. Leader, Chief Mrs Lilian Efe Secretary, Dr. Mrs Edith Okojie Woman Leader and Chief Emsaun IkaMember on Tuesday.

According to the statement,  we write to respectfully express our perspective regarding the issue of power rotation in our esteemed state. 

“While we deeply respect your position and the traditions that have guided our community for generations, we believe it is essential to consider the broader principles of democracy and inclusivity in governance.

“As we strive for progress and development in our state, it is crucial to ensure that every segment of our society feels represented and empowered. 

“Power rotation serves as a mechanism to foster inclusivity and equal opportunity for all citizens, regardless of their background or affiliation.

“By rotating leadership positions among different regions or groups within our state, we can promote unity, fairness, and a sense of belonging among all citizens. 

“This approach also allows for the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities, which are essential for sustainable development and social cohesion.”

The statement added that “Furthermore, embracing the principle of power rotation aligns with the values of democracy and participatory governance, where the voice of every individual matters and contributes to the collective welfare of our society. 

“It fosters transparency, accountability, and the ability to address the diverse needs and concerns of our people effectively.

“We understand that change can be challenging, especially when it involves longstanding traditions and beliefs. However, we believe that embracing diversity and adaptability is essential for the progress and prosperity of our state. 

“By embracing power rotation, we can move forward as a more united and inclusive community, where every citizen has the opportunity to contribute to our shared success.
“We respectfully urge the good citizens of Edo State to reconsider their stance on this matter and to engage in open dialogue with stakeholders from all walks of life. 

“Together, we can work towards a future where our state thrives as a shining example of democracy, fairness, and unity.

“Thank you for considering our perspective, and we  look forward to a lasting solution that will foster the growth of our State. Thus a new Edo is possible”

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