Agencies must obtain approval before recruiting ―Buhari


The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday while presenting the 2020 Budget proposal (Appropriation Bill) said starting from November, all government agencies must obtain approval before deciding on any recruitment exercise

“By end of October, 2019 agencies must obtain approval before embarking on a new recruitment exercise or face sanctions.”- President Muhammadu Buhari.” Buhari said.

At the beginning of his presentation of the 2020 Budget (Appropriation Bill), President Buhari pleaded the Assembly to pardon his voice because he is suffering from cold due to the fact that he has been working hard and in addition, the pressures of meeting the National Assembly’s deadline.

The 2020 Budget proposal (Appropriation Bill) presentation to the National Assembly is the first of the president to the 9th National Assembly after the reconstitution of the two chambers following the 2019 general election.

After observing all protocols by acknowledging the presence of government officials including state governors and the national leader of the All Progressive Congress, President Buhari said;

“Before I proceed to read the details of the budget, let me apologise for my voice.

“As you can hear in my voice, I have cold because I am working hard.

“With to meet your deadline.”

“I am glad to present the 2020 Budget proposal”



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