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Aimone Creative Agency Holds Webinar Conference On Business Reality



Aimone Creative Agency is set to hold a Webinar conference, the first of its kind by the Agency with other experts in the creative industry on adapting to new evolving business reality amid the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

The free event is to be hosted via zoom, themed: “Embracing the New” Virtual Conference scheduled for 11th to 19th of September, 2020.

Other topics to be discussed during the workshops will revolve around Branding, Marketing, Youth Empowerment, Creative, and Finance.

Aimone is committed to making brands champion of their respective industry through powerful imagery and strategic planning.

They are focused on value creation and brand awareness as their key objective to penetrate any market for brands to gain desired attraction from a prospective customer.

Aimone is structured to give an insight-driven competitive analysis along with a highly creative team ever ready to help brands trash their competitors’ hands down.

This conference will proffer ways to position businesses in Africa for growth amidst COVID-19 with emphasis on these key areas needed in ensuring brand success. This will enable them to compete favorably in their various industries.

Some dignitaries who will attend our webinars conference are; Senior Consultant at BFI Insight, Godbold Promise, Strategy Consultant at Brand & Culture, Matt Davies, Founder, Onedabrand Design Agency, Ifeoluwa Sopeju, and Youth Development Advocate, Oyinkasola Oni, among others.

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KCCN Intensify Efforts To Impact More Nigerians Through Cooking

By Joel Ajayi

Empowerment and training of human beings, no doubt, remain the spine behind the sustenance of any development in the world. This is the story of the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria KCCN, who over the years, increased efforts to ensure many Nigerians are empowered through different endeavors in life.

The Center has given thousands of Nigerians leverage in arts, culture, entertainment, language education, creativity, and sports and recently added another sector, which is cooking class.

KCCN was established in 2010 in Nigeria’s Capital Territory, Abuja to enhance friendship, bilateral relations, and understanding between Korea and Nigeria through cultural and educational programs, and today, the center is making thoughtful progress.

On Tuesday in the FCT, another batch of selected members of the Association of Professional Chefs in Nigeria (APCN) were on the ground to learn more about Korean cuisine and how to prepare two of the country’s most popular dishes.

Indeed, it was another great experience for Nigerian Chefs who chose cooking as their career, as they had more knowledge about continental dishes, the Korean food that is believed will go a long way to promote and advance them in the inter-continental dishes know-how.

One of the first dishes they cooked was Spicy Braised Chicken and Com Cheese

In his remarks, shortly after the demonstration of the Chuseok cooking class, the representative of the Director of KCCN, Manager Of Cultural Content, Bae Sung Jin said the essence of the cooking class is to sensitize many Nigerian people about Korean food and to give opportunity to some who want to choose Korean food.

According to him, we are doing a lot of classes in Nigeria, not only cooking classes, but we also have K-POP Dance, Taekwondo, and language classes, among others.

“There is no Korean restaurant in Abuja, and Abuja is technically the capital of Africa, people want to try Korean food. That is what gave birth to this cooking class, to introduce our foods to the Nigerian people as well as empower them.

“We are trying to reach out to many Nigerians, which is why we choose members of the Association of Professional Chefs in Nigeria, and without a doubt, I do believe it will have an impact on their lives.” He said.

Speaking also was a staff of KCCN, Sharon Pwavi-Babale said, it’s the continuation of the effort of the center to expose Nigerians to Korean food.

“The reason, if noticed, Asian food which is popular in Nigeria is Chinese food and KCCN saw it as an opportunity, being the fact that a large number of people watch Korean movies, many Nigerians see Korean food through movies and desire to eat it.

“So, we ensure the cooking class is put in place as a means of introducing Nigerians to Korean dishes’ method of cooking and its richness.

However, Chuseok translates to autumn eve and is, at its core, a harvest moon festival nodding back to Korea’s traditional agrarian roots where traditional foods make their way onto every family’s table, and the infamous bumper-to-bumper traffic that plagues the country’s major roads in the lead-up to the long holiday, as people make the pilgrimage back to their hometowns to honour familial ancestors.

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