Despite COVID-19 NYG Will Go Ahead-Dr Are

The National Youth Games NYG is a  yearly  competition meant to facilitate the  discovery of budding talents in the country for further development and a platform for selection of athletes to represent the country at international youth games however with emergence of coronavirus sport has been the worst hit with some many competitions postponed or cancelled across the world while the national sports festival a biannual competion has also suffered postponement due to the pandemic however director of grassroots sports, ministry of youth and sports has stated that the competition  will go ahead despite the dreaded pandemic ravaging the nation.
,Dr Ademola Are who spoke exclusively to said modalities for hosting a competition of this magnitude have been released by the international Olympic committee,IOC and the sports ministry  is ready to follow it to the latter.
According to him, we understand the dangers inherent in hosting a competition of this magnitude but we are not novice when it comes to organising competition of this nature,we have set machinery in motion that will keep all athletes safe during the competition and also ensure that all administrators and officials adhere to the rules and regulations before, during and after the game.
“You also must not forget that the  sports’ minister is a man of conscientious planning and he does not presumptuously jump into doing anything without taking a critical look at the positives and negatives.”
Dr Ademola went ahead to praise the honourable Minister of youth and Sports, Mr. Sunday Dare for all the  innovations he has brought into sports with less than a year in office.
“Minister has been a blessing to sports,within few months in office he has come up with creative ideas that has helped the  ministry, for instance the covid 19 palliative  fund he was able to get from the private sector  for Nigerian athletes even before the international body thinks of it or is it the adopt-a- athlete initiative that has received world wide commendations and so many  programs for Nigerian youth.
“He is a man that knows his onions and he has been a blessing to the ministry and Nigeria at large.”
Meanwhile, the national youth games was initially scheduled for 7th to 17th  September,. 2020 but due to covid 19 a new date will now be  announced  in line with  covid 19 protocols for national sports festival.”

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