Inauguration: AUDA-NEPAD resumes with special prayer for national development

Inauguration: AUDA-NEPAD resumes with special prayer for national development

Abuja, May 30, 2019 (NAN) Mrs. Gloria Akobundu , National Coordinator,Chief Executive Officer, African Union Development Agency/ New Partnership for Africa’s Development (AUDA-NEPAD) prays for peace, unity and development as work resumes in Nigeria after May 29 inauguration.

Akobundu led the staff to pray for the nation on Thursday at a special Iftar Prayer organised by the agency for its Muslim staff to mark the Holy Month of Ramadan.

According to AUDA-NEPAD boss, any opportunity to pray and thank God should be well utilized.

The Chief Executive spoke with the media after the joint prayers by both Muslims and Non-Muslim staff of the agency.

“ We prayed for peace, we also prayed for development, prayed for wealth, prayed for stability in our economy so that our children can live in peace and harmony.

“ There are lot to thank God for and there are lot to also ask God to help us to achieve as a nation, that is what we have done today.

“We thank God for successful inauguration of our dear President Muhammadu Buharit and vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

We thank God for another era of peace, upliftment, joy, happiness and era of wealth creation in our country.
We thank God for better citizens. We thank God for the life and peaceful coexistence,” she said.

She said there should be no division whenever there was need to work or pray for the nation.

“ We all pray to one God and nobody should deceive him or herself. Allah is called God in English,in Igbo, He is `Chukwu’. Language cannot be a barrier to the unity of this great country.

“Our forefathers were all speaking different languages and they did not divide the country. Our fathers and generations before us, they all lived in peace in this country.

“Do your own prayers, follow your faith base and all that but it should not have anything to do with the unity of this great country,’’ she reiterated.

Akobundu glorified God for the growth of the Agency under her watch.

. It’s a very special day to us, all the staff of NEPAD, Now AUDA-NEPAD.
“ Its even a blessing for us, we pray and thank God,” she said.

Members of staff who spoke with the media commended the National Coordinator for her ingenuity in bringing the staff together to achieve mandate of the agency.

Comrade Aliyu Abubakr, Union Chairman, AUDA- NEPAD commended the C.E.O.

“On behalf of the entire staff, I thank our chief executive for creating a programme like this because apart from praying together as a team, we also interact with one another during the period.

“It is not only during Ramadan that we come together like this, we do same during Easter or any other time.

“It is a very good idea and we thank our boss for promoting unity among us, even as we are from various backgrounds religious and ethnic wise,” he said.

Similarly, Mrs. Paulet Ken-Okorie, Head of Servicom in the Agency expressed her delight to the idea.

“This is a laudable programme as staff come together, Christians and Muslims for prayer.

“We thank the management for putting this together, it really goes a long way to promote unity among us,” she said.

Hajia Hauwa Kazir, another officer of the agency also shared her thought about the prayer.

“Our C.E.O believes in fostering unity, she believes in bringing people together through programmes like this.

“It is a motivational tool because we all come together to pray and relate with one another during occasions like this, wether it Ramadan or Easter festivity. We thank our Madam for this,” she said.

Gleamer News recalls AUDA-NEPAD’s mandate includes: strengthening capacity of African Union (AU) member states and advancing knowledge-based advisory support.


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