Interview: With the Growth of Volleyball in Nigeria, Football is in trouble-Engr. Nimrod


Since he assumed office as the President of Nigeria Volleyball Federation NVF, Engr Musa Nimrod has indeed with the wealth of his experience, passion and desire has turned the fortune of the game in the country and beyond. In this interview with Journalists during his recent grassroots development initiative tagged “Nimrod  300” summer talents volleyball holiday camp tourney” Joel Ajayi of The Gleamer News was there as he speaks about the initiative; his efforts toward the growth of the Volleyball; his desire and the forthcoming All Africa Games amongst other.

How would you describe the 300 kid’s initiative?

I am so impressed with the kid’s performance, let me tell you the truth 50 years ago when I was a kid like them when I started Volleyball. I am so happy today.  So, is that how I started? I was like them when I was picking ball when the civil war was going on and I started playing this ball in the barrack that reminded me that any opportunity that comes our way we should use it well, destiny belong to God and today I am an administrator, I thank God.

We have seen so many laudable events like this and they are not sustained.  Here are 300 kids Nimrod Volleyball Clinch. What is the sustainable plan for this initiative? 

I am sorry to say this my motto, mission and vision is sustainable development and excellent. Let me tell you, we have been doing this in the North West for more than 9 years by the grace of God we shall sustain this program. These programs will be sustained with excellent God’s willing.

What do you have to say about the continuity of this program?

We have been doing it, a lot of people have been supporting this program, right now, as I talk to you the Kaduna North West event is taking off next week, yes, and it has been going on every year, every year we do it during holiday look when these children go back to school you will not believe it, we all saw how they were playing, it was fantastic, football is in trouble.

Tell us the objectives of the event and volleyball in general?

The objective is three, one sport with a passion that will develop the health, the intelligent, number two, education, number three anti-drugs these are my objectives and these kids will be greater than me in the future.

If I was involved in drugs, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today, if I did not go to school, I will not be where I am today professionally number if I did not have passion in sports I will not be a sport administrator  and be doing what God wants me to do.

Is there any plan toward grooming these kids to Under 13, 15 or Under 19 in the nearest future?

You have heard it, two years ago we don’t have the opportunity that is why I told you football is in trouble, today you are seen under 13, under 15.

Let me tell you if you don’t know, is the current Africa champion in under 17, we are the current Africa champions in under 19 so what else do you want to say and we are going to All Africa Games in the senior level.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the kids?

I am satisfied, fantastic, excellent, see the way the kids were setting, spanking, these kids will give under 17 under 19 tough times.

All Africa Games are just a few days to go. What should Nigerians be expecting from the volleyball team? 

I am somebody who doesn’t promise anything until after the game, but I want to thank God I have seen the grouping and that is where I will stop but I know by the grace of God those who said volleyball is not a medal prospect sports they will see the shock.



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