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IPC Presents Documentary on journalist assaults to Commemorate World Press Freedom Day



By Uche Okoro

The international press center has presented a compendium of recent brutality, maltreatment and assaults on journalists during the commemoration of the 2022 world press freedom day in Abuja. The reoccurring challenges faced by press men across the country especially during the COVID-19 lock down, #End Sars protest amongst others is an eye opener of the vulnerability of journalists in there respective duty posts.

While delivering his speech, the Director of international press center Mr Lanre Arogundade said not been unmindful of the theme of this year’s celebration – ‘Journalism Under Digital Siege’ – “we have on this occasion focussing our attention on another dimension of the siege to which journalism and the media are subjected in Nigeria” while frowning on the subject matter, Mr Lanre noted that “Unfortunately, despite these weighty responsibilities, journalists and other media professionals who find themselves on the frontlines get molested and harassed” stressing that the government has done little or nothing thereby rating Nigeria behind as one of the nation’s where journalists are been treated with levity.

The media boss expressed satisfaction over the unwavering courage of the journalists who were affected and who have decided not to shut up amidst harsh oppressions ,but have boldly stood telling their stories for the universal Freedom of expression community to have a clearer understanding into the mayhem they stepped on with threatening consequences; and which still lay on the path of journalists in the course of legitimate duty.

The president of Nigeria Union of journalists Mr Chris Isiguzo during a panel discussion said that NUJ is committed to ensure the safety of members. He urged journalists who are not part of the body to identify with the Union.

“We’re committed to the protection of registered members of NUJ against any form of brutality. Those that have not registered should do the needful” he added.

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FIBA, Kida Threatens Nigeria with Basketball Ban



… wants to force Nigeria into participation

World basketball body, FIBA has issued Nigeria an ultimatum to suspend its International withdrawal or risk getting additional years of wilderness.

Engr. Musa Kida is in the circle of events as a recipient, as the country sits out of international basketball as put out by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Government had called for Nigeria’s withdrawal as a result of in-fightings amongst stakeholders, lack of a functional league and a stall in the growth of the game at home. It said this measure will allow the country take a deep breathe, reconcile grey areas, re-strategize and get better as a basketball nation, instead of the cosmetic outward appearance of beauty but inner state of rancour and disunity.

In reaction, sources postulated “Nigeria is a sovereign nation and will not be blackmailed carelessly. Nigeria bigger than kidda and his cohorts”.

“Moreso, it’s understood that FIBA allegedly wrote Kida alone. The body has not written the Federal Government.

The Ministry has received no communication to that effect. Kida is not the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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