IYP President Sues For Peace Among Nigerians

Joel Ajayi

President of International Youth Parliament Addis Ababa Engr. Promise Nwadigos, has urged Nigerians to remain peaceful saying its only tool that can bring growth to the nation.

He made this call in Abuja at the Monday at the official media launch of biggest school international festival initiated by Youth Sports Movement YSM in Abuja.

According to him, sustainable peace can only be guaranteed when there is concerted efforts and deliberate commitment by Nigerians to foster harmony and peaceful coexistence by in the nation.

“With peace nation will grow, that is why as a parliament we go all around to advocate for peace and to make sure that we unite ourselves we don’t just look at where you are coming from, that is why we have people all over the world it’s not just I as a person that is why we are preaching preach is antidote to growth and development and we are not going to stop until we get the grassroots.”




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