Lockdown: Engage in self-development activities- Ajani urges Youths


The Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) on Thursday advised Nigerian youths to make good use of the COVID-19 lockdown period by engaging in self-development activities.

Its Youth Focal Point, Nigeria, Ms Bless-me Ajani, gave the advice in Lagos.

Ajani also advised them that rather than engaging in unprotected and avoidable sexual activities, they should be responsible in their Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) habits and be positively occupied while inside their houses.

According to her, though, the social distancing policy, which is the only reasonable thing to do at this time, involved closing down of schools and other places, it is making many people to be idle.

“Consequently, adolescent girls and vulnerable women may end up in various compromising situations, hence, the need to deploy measures to avoid them.

“As young people, we should endeavour to make good use of this period by engaging in productive self-development activities such as reading a book, trying out new hobbies, digital skills or even documenting your social distancing experience.

“You will be amazed how your writing skill would have improved by the end of this period,’’ she said.

Ajani advised young people to endeavour  to practise abstinence at this time and where they could not, they should get handy condoms and emergency contraceptives.

“It is crucial that we all take responsibilities for our sexual needs during this time,” she said.

According to her, the reality is, this is not a good time to have unplanned pregnancies.

“Because the pressure of the pandemic on the health system will affect and disrupt routine SRH services including family planning, ante-natal services, post-abortion café services and immunisation services,” she said.

Ajani urged government agencies and parastatals to educate the public the implications of perpetrating sexual, domestic and gender-based violence during this time

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