LSFA: Akinwunmi unveils 4-point agenda

LSFA: Akinwunmi unveils 4-point agenda

Basking in the euphoria of his recent victory at the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA) Chairmanship election, Seyi Akinwunmi, said that the focal point of his administration would be re-positioning Eko Football.

Akinwunmi gave insight into what would be the focal points of his administration in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday.

He said that he would introduce a 21st century model of administration to the association through digitisation of its operations.

Akinwunmi, an astute football administrator, on Monday got another mandate to propel the administration of football in Lagos State for the next four years.

He emerged winner in a close contest with another football administrator, Liameed Gafar, who he defeated with nine votes to four in an election decided at the Morning Side Suites, Taslim Elias Close, Lagos Island.

Akinwunmi told NAN that he would run an all-inclusive government to achieve his goal of moving football to an enviable height in Lagos State.

“The next phase of my project in Lagos State is to complete the good works that we have started. People are yet to realise where we started from, they think football is just flowing.

“If they have to dig deep, they will realise where we started from, but for us, it is time for the state to reap the benefits of what we have laboured for in the past years,’’ he said.

Akinwunmi said that his administration had a four-point agenda, which included digitalisation of LSFA, strong football structures among others.

“The first project is the digitalisation of the FA administration all through from the Divisional Football Association (DFA) to the Football Association (FA).

“We also want to look out for the structures as well. The current structure does not fit and cannot take us anywhere, we couldn’t do that before now because we needed to consolidate.

“Also, we cannot take the decision alone, we need to establish an administrative council that will encapsulate the board members and the DFAs so that we can meet once every quarter.

“We need to review issues and see what next to do,’’ the LSFA chairman-elect said.

He said that his administration would also seek to resuscitate the moribund grassroots football league and also propose a media workshop.

“The third agenda will be to establish a grassroots league and once that is done, football in Lagos State will be on auto-pilot because we would have created all the necessary incentives.

“We want to create a football on a business model, which will attract investors, doing this will take football to an enviable height.

“Also, we want to have a media seminar and workshop because we have realised the important role media is playing in the progress of football not just in administration but politics as well.

“This is football and we need to get our acts together, even if it means that we need to tell ourselves the home truth,” Akinwunmi said. (NAN)


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