MK Throws A Surprise Birthday To YOK FC Club Owner


What happened on Friday 20th 2019 between owners of Water FC of Abuja Mokanjuola Nureni aka MK and owner of YOK football club of Abuja and the founding partner, marble partner LP, Barr Yakubu Ohimege Galadima is an confirmation that the game of football is indeed a symbol of unity.

After the two teams battled in a fierce encounter on the pitch, where Water FC defeated YOK FC 4-1 thereafter it was a triumphant entry for a celebrant that was giving a surprise entry when players of the Water FC form a guard of honour like a military to usher him to venue of the birthday celebration courtesy of no than person than Mr. Nureni Mankanjuola.

It was a memorable day for the celebrant, as a surprise birthday party was organized to celebrate one of the lovers of football owner of YOK FC in Abuja as part of gesture to celebrate him for contributing to the growth and development of football.

The surprise dinner party was attended by his friends’ players and associates.

Speaking, the elated celebrant, Barr.  Galadima expressed: “I am surprise, because my birthday is today, when I told him that I will be coming to play football, he told me we are coming here after match, I told him I don’t need anything from him, I told him we don’t want to run his budget dry but he insisted. I later agreed this is what I got I want to sincerely thank him for this surprise God will continue to bless him.

“We have aim of conceding 10 goals but glory be to God we are progressing, we are improving. I told the player that it is not about numbers of goal they are going to concede, but let see the skill and learn from each other and indeed we achieved that, Coach can even attests to it we are improving.”

Giving hint on his desire two teams, he said: “the entire player that are here, we don’t only want to see them at National Team but we shall see them dominating the world.

“Our aim at YOK FC is more or less of humanitarian service to see how we can support our young talented and promote them to the world.

“We want to shun crime in Nigeria, we don’t participate in crime; all we want to use our talent to better ourselves.

“Today, if you go to Arab countries, if you say you from Nigeria, they will ask you; did you know Mikel Obi, Kanu and Okocha Jay Jay? We need to develop ourselves; we don’t want to belong to Yahoo-Yahoo boys.”

Speaking on why he organized a surprise package to him, Mr. Makanjuola said: “I think his passion for football have single him out and we need to support him I gave him surprise because of his passion for football.



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