Sunday Sermon On 29th March 2020: “I AM WITH THEE”- PASTOR L.O OLADELE


Text: Isaiah 43:2 & 5 “When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burnt; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.
Fear not, for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west….”

“I AM WITH THEE” is a message of deliverance, encouragement, faith, and lifting up souls at this crucial time, especially this time we are going through an akward situation in the country and in the world generally.
God has given me this message to give to all children of God who believe in Him.
In this passage, the children of Isreal were in different calamities: the fear of exile, the fear of death, the fear of operession and evil that have befallen them  but God in His infinite mercy declared to them, I am with thee.

The speaker here is God Himself; God who is omnipotent, ominiscience, God who is so powerful, the creator of Heaven and earth, the one that can make and mar, the one that can make alive and the one that can kill, this is the God of Isreal who gave the word and when He gives His words, His words stand forever.

Therefore, the Lord has given me this message at this time of plaque, when the whole world is under the trembling and fear of coronavirus attack, when powerful nations become impotent, when wealthy ones, men of authority are being given low reputations, because of God want to prove Himself.

In all these, God knows about it, God said to His own people I am with thee even, in the time of many troubles I will deliever thee. when He makes a promise, He is able to fufill it; God is not a liar, He is not human being that will make promises and not fulfill it, i want your faith to key into this message of God; if you believe this message, no evil will touch your domain. The attack, the arrows , the contagiouseness of Coronavirus will not touch you and all members of your household.Psalm 46 :2 & 7.

This is the promise of God that He can keep unto the utmost, those who trust Him. God said I should tell you, all those who have accepted Jesus christ as their Lord and savior; fear not at this time, do not be afraid of any plaque or attack; you are covered, you are protected, we are living under the shadow of the Almighty.

This time around, knowledge, education, technology, riches and wealth have failed even Kingdoms , dominion, powerful nations are under fear, many have died under this infection but God says those who trust in me, they shall not be affected.
God said I should tell you that the church of God, the gospel of Jesus christ will be made stronger at the end of this calamity. God said i should tell you that even if weeping endureth for a night, joy cometh in the morning.

Historically, this similar pandemic had happened before between 1900 and 1916, it was world plaque like this, it was tagged: “Bubonic plaque”; the whole world was dying, it covered every nation even churches, factories, working places were closed then, even the existing orthodox churches then were locked up, they fled in fear of death to their own country but the few black men who have recieved Jesus Christ said, under the situation we can’t keep our mouth closed, they said they can close everywhere but we can call on God at anywhere, they gathered under the tree and they started praying and God started doing miracles and wonders and that was what led to the birth of the pentecostal church even at Ijebu ode, that led the people like Sadare, Shophia Odunlami whom God used miraculously through prayers to heal bubonic plaque then. The same thing is happening now, the solution to all these problems is God; let the nations, every believers return to God, let us call on God in Prayers , let us seek His face, He is able to deliever, He is able to immune His own, He is able to keep His own.


“I AM WITH THEE” is the word of God that can save, Authority,  and powerful. Declaration that is coming out, declaration that can save, deliever, heal, favour, bless declaration that raised people up “I AM WITH THEE”.

If you believed wherever your children are under this earth, this message will go to them that “I AM WITH THEE” you can pronounce it to yourself even in the face of dangers, troubles, calamities, poverty that God is with me. As you say it  authority is backing it up.

In the scope of this message  in Isaiah 41:10 ….That means “I AM WITH THEE” is be able to work for you when you are in need of help. Dear Readers, believer and unbeliever do you need of any help? Human being cant help you Its only GOD that can help you.
Even the scientists around the world are still struggling to find solutions to Covid 19. Let’s seek the help of God, He said, I Will help you.

The world, our country and everyone needs divine help now, God has promised to be with us and He will surely send help to us.

The scope of “I am with thee” also covers difficult time : Isaiah 43:2-3…..? Do you have the Lord as your God, dont seek help anywhere. “I AM WITH THEE”

I am with thee also covers when you are under fearful situation. Jeremiah 1:8 explains that do not be afraid. You may see mountains , red sea, Coronavirus around, God said i should tell you I AM WITH THEE.

Also under the scope and dimension of this message, I am with thee when you are faced with threats of enemy (Jere 1:19) . I am telling you children of God, even when the battle is tough, when the enemy surrounds you, God said I am with you, and I i will fight your battle, be at rest.

I am with thee covers when you are faced with family problems  (Isaiah 43:5). I dont know the family challenges you are going through; between parent and children, wife and Husband and you have prayed over it, listen to the word of God, I AM WITH THEE is able to restore
that challenges.

God is with me also cover time of confusion
(Act 18:9-10). In time troubles, calamities, confusion, God said I should tell you I AM WITH Thee, fear not.


1. I am with thee is the message of Salvation that can save anyone, no matter who you are, once you call His name (Jeremiah 46:28) Fear thou not …..

2. I am with thee is a covenant from a covenant keeping God, God is able to fufil His promises (Isaiah 54:10) says for the mountain…..

3. I am with thee is the source of all blessings (Luke 1:28)


1. Be with God in holiness, many denominations are not preaching holiness again, you have be holy. So, what you need to do for I AM WITH THEE to fight your battle is to be Holy (1peter 1:16)

2. Live the life of faith, the bible says anything ng done outside faith is sin, you don’t need to seek for other powers outside Jesus, the name of Jesus can save to the utmost, let me tell you, power of witches and wizards can’t save you in this situation, only the name of Jesus, Only I AM WITH Thee can save you.

3. Live a life of obedience, not a partial obedience but full obedience. Samuel told Saul in the Bible,  Obedience is better than sacrifice; don’t bank on your connections, human knowledge and wisdom, these will fail but your obedience to God will stand. Leave the life of  partial obedience , partial obedience is equal to zero obedience .

4. Also, live the life of faithful service in John 4:23 the bible says, God is a spirit and those who will serve Him will serve Him in spirit and truth … if you’re paying tithes and any money and you are not faithful, what does it amount to? Therefore, live the life acceptable to God.

5. Live the life of Love, if you have everything and you don’t have love, it amounts to nothing, the problem in the nation today is that we don’t love ourselves, there should not be religious and tribal war, if we love ourselves, we should  live in peace.

6. For I AM WITH THEE to be with you; be prayerful, put on the armour of prayer now, put on the whole armour of God (Eph 6:11-18). It’s not time to be indolent.

7. Don’t forget to be giving and sharing, though you are staying at home, send your tithes and offering appropriately and God you are doing it for will surely reward you.

8. what you should do for I AM WITH THEE to be with you is; live your life expecting the second coming of Christ.


This time is the time to obey God, to obey the civil authorities and to obey the religious authorities. God is the ultimate, He has given us government (Heb 13:17).

So, every child of God everywhere, we should obey what government says, this time around, they have said in their wisdom that we should stay at home , we should keep a social distance, we are going to obey it,we should close churches and mosques. Children of God, Keep to the instructions and God will bless you, don’t forget the Almighty. He said I should tell you I AM WITH THEE is with you and if you believe He will save you, no plaque will affect you, no COVID-19 will affect you, you are immuned with the blood of Jesus.


1.Prayer of forgiveness of sins for the whole world and the children of God.

2. prayer for mercy that triumphs over judgement.

3. pray to God to send His healing and that no sickness, diseases and infirmities should touch His own people.

4 Pray that Jesus should manifest to destroy the works of devil. Coronavirus, send it out, banish it, rebuke it and it will flee from us.

5.Pray that the lord should heal all those affected already worldwide.

6. Pray that the blood of Jesus should cover our homes and protect us anywhere we go.

7.Pray that God should give us the spirit to prepare for His second coming.

8. Pray that I AM WITH THEE, the presence of God, be with your children everywhere.

Thanks God Bless you.

Pastor Dr, L.O Oladele Abuja-FCT Area Superintendent.

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