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As the race to succeed outgoing NFF President draws closer , Former Nigeria Goalkeeper Emmanuel Babayaro has told the voting delegates that the future of Nigeria Football lies solely in their hands to do the right thing come September 30th in Benin.

The outspoken Ex International says the next NFF President must be whom the cap fits the most, irrespective of ethnicity or religion.

” The next NFF President has to be someone with the most reliable Pedigre of Administrative, Diplomatic and Intellectual Competence deepened in absolute Integrity and Institutional respect”.

He further added that
“Unfortunately most of the people scrabbling for the job are the same individuals responsible for the worst rot ever witnessed in our Nation’s Football and that makes you to begin to wonder how the greatest beneficiaries from our woes would want to make us happy? The answer is an emphatic NO”.

” The only reason for the desperation to becoming NFF President is to shield themselves from prosecution and perfect their schemes but Nigerians are wiser now and even the state FA Chairmen they co opt as cabals are wiser as well”.

He further stressed that the FA Chairmen should have woken up from their slumber and be emancipated.

” I think the FA Chairmen now want a President they can work with and not the Master Servant relationship currently experienced, so for me we have to give the President to who the cap fits the most or else our football is further doomed for the next four years”.

The NFF Election is billed for the 30th of September baring any changes due to latest court order and about nine persons are vying for the post of NFF President with names like Barrister Musa Ahmadu, Seyi Akinwunmi and Ibrahim Gusau as front runners.

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North East Commission; Group Heads For Court Over Reappointment of Former MD. Mohamed Alkali



…. Exposed How Billion was looted

Crises situations in the North East, might assume another dimension, as the North East Commission statutory established to address humanitarian crisis and infrastructural deficit, as a result of insurgency , is embedded in management crises over the appointment of the management Director.

Just as the Reappointment of Mohammed Alkali Goni, after serving his five years as tenure in office as the managing Director has become a matter of litigations, allegations of mismanagement of resources in the Commission has emerged over the weekend in Abuja .

Addressing newsmen, in Abuja on Saturday, North East pressure Group, said that the appointment of management Staff of the Commission has been politicise to a level where every appointment zone to the North East has been taken over by Borno state

The Coordinator of the group , Dr. Haruna Garus Gololo, a political activist, who led the group in a terse press Statement said that the group will be left with no option than to approach the Court to seek redress , if the concerned authorities failed to address the rot in the Commission.

” We are constraint, to draw the attention of the President and Commander of the Armed Forces, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, to the abuse of the Act. establishing the North East Commission ( NEC), by his Vice president, Senator Kashim Shettima over the statutory appointment of the managing Director of the Commission “

” The Act . clearly defined the procedures and laid down rules on the appointment of the Managing Director upon the approval by the National Assembly, which stipulates five years tenure, it is this act that has been subjected to gross Constitutional abuse with the Reappointment of Alkali, after years in Office ” he said.

Dr. Gololo, also an All progressive Congress ( APC), Chieftain said that
” Since the inceptions of this administration, every Federal appointments meant for North East is being taken to Borno state with impunity .”

Continue, the one coordinator of the All progressive Congress (APC), pointed at the appointment of the Minister of Agriculture and the recent Reappointment of Mohammed Alkali Goni, for another five years as against the Constitutional provisions “

” There are about six states in the North East, Gombe , Bauchi, Yobe and Borno, but all the appointment have been to Borno”
He warned that” we have concluded our investigations using some auditors and discovered the billions of stolen in the Commission, rather than addressing the challenges in North East, the management has become part of the crises because of their desperation to cover up the monumental Corruption”

Gololo, accused the Vice president, Senator Kashim Shettima of the implications of supporting the Reappointment of Alkali, as this may further create another crises in the Commission.

” We are given the presidency only Seven days to reverse the Reappointment of Alkali, because it is the turn of Gombe state, we have competent people in Gombe and Bauchi “

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