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We Didn’t Change Corps Members Kits-NYSC



Joel Ajayi

National Youth Service Corps NYSC debunked the rumors going around on social media that Corps Members’ uniform has been changed to a new one.

In a statement issued in Abuja by the Director, of Information and Public Relations Eddy Megwa revealed that the uniforms of the Corps Members remain the same.

According to the statement, “the attention of NYSC Management has been drawn to a fake TikTok video trending online indicating that Corps Members’ uniform has been changed to a new one.

“For clarity’s sake, NYSC Management wishes to State categorically that all the items of Corps Members’ uniforms that they collect on arrival during registration at the Orientation Camps remain the same.

“Members of the public, especially Prospective Corps Members are hereby advised to disregard the misleading and highly embarrassing tiktok video in its entirety, as efforts are ongoing on the distribution of uniforms and other essential variables to all the 37 NYSC Orientation Camps across the country in preparation for the forthcoming 2024 Batch ‘B’ Stream One Orientation Course.

“Recently, the Federal Government approved the improvement in the quality of the material used in sowing Corps Members’ uniforms. This is already done and Corps Members are already enjoying the improved quality.

“Social Media Influencers are strongly warned to desist forthwith, from using NYSC Corporate brand in any online medium that may attract negative publicity to the Scheme, while defaulters would be prosecuted according to legal provisions.”

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Foundation Advocates For Attitudinal Change In Society



By Charles Ebi

Foundation for Correction of Moral Decadence (FCMD) has called for attitudinal change among Nigerians for the development of the country.

President of the organisation Joseph Danley Obiechie made the call yesterday at the foundation graduation held in Abuja.

He said that the anti-corruption war was the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria because the country was not progressing due to the menace of corruption.

“I think we should all do everything possible to collectively assist the president so that corruption would be fought head on. Any country that is corrupt will definitely never progress,” Obiechie said.

According to him, the norms and values in our society unfortunately are almost gone with the wind.

Obiechie noted that from the lackadaisical way issues are approached and the despicable way the citizens treat each other; moral decadence has permeated into all facets of the nation.

Attitudinal change is key to our livelihood. Let’s change our mind-set especially in the performance of our civic responsibilities. When you perform your civic responsibility passionately, it makes your work easy. That is what this is all about. I found out that our prayers do not translate into how we behave in the performance of our civic responsibilities.

There is no time anybody has seen God. The God we can see is one another. We should treat each other with respect. Love is missing in our miss. The agape love that gives and asks nothing in return. 

Those in the educational sector are the backbone of this nation. Without them, I can stand here to speak.

The orientation of the mind is very important because they deal with our children. Children are the leaders of tomorrow.

According to him, the way we handle our children is very important.  We want to reorient the mind-set of the teachers so that he or she can be able to handle them. 

He call for the assistance of the media, to spread the message to our leaders as it will help a great deal. 

Rather than engage in such considerations, let us instead address very specific issues, focusing on those attitudes that are unfortunately still so rampant within our society and which are keeping us from attaining the quality of life which should be ours, especially considering the incredible resources, both human and natural, with which our nation is blessed.

He emphases the need to return to sound values which will make us prosper again as a nation and values are about morality.

A society that will develop and make significant advancement must have a certain number of people who will be dissatisfied and uncomfortable with things as they are, and be willing to commit their time and energies to doing something about it. They are the true leaders Nigeria is waiting for. The others will follow.

However, I would like to say that the fundamental attitudinal change we need in our nation right now is a moral one. If we continue to disregard and even despise those millions of Nigerians who are suffering because of the unjust system we are running children, young people, widows, the unemployed we will never attain sustainable development.

The nation will continue to inch our way forward, celebrating insignificant advancements; but even those will be seriously compromised by the price we will pay in terms of insecurity and constant restiveness in the country.

The worrisome developments in the country at this time, with drums of war starting to be beaten all over, also afford us a singular opportunity to check some of our attitudes to nation building. Can a nation be built on inequality and injustice? Again, we look to the leadership of the nation to provide a sincere, well-reasoned approach to tackling these challenges.

 “If nothing was done to halt these monstrous vices from devouring us, our country is doomed,” he said.

Earlier Mrs  Rekiya Muhammed Ibrahim, Director of Administration Education Secretariat who represented the Mandate Secretary, This is a kind of sensitisation that has been on-going for a while . We have been having it since 2022.

We are orientating the minds of our teachers, the school administrators and other staff of the education secretariat to have a change of attitude towards their work.

We believe if we are able to have this sensitisation for our school managers, administrators, teachers, it can go down to our pupils and they will also have a change of attitude.

You know we are in the administration of renewed hope. We want this country to change for the better. There are a lot of narrative vices that are going on in society. We believe that this orientation will help them have a rethink of how things are being done which will be traced down to the students so that this nation can develop.

We urged them to pay attention and listen, and take home the positive attitude to change the way they do things and further impact the knowledge to their students because our youths these days are something else.  

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