Another $150,000 Scandal Surfaces In The AFN

Joel Ajayi

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) is enmeshed in another $150,000 scandal as grant received from World Athletic to assist the Federation in the hosting of the 21st African Championships in Athletics held in Asaba in August 2018, which remains unaccounted for.

Recall that the AFN had been embroiled in a grant overpayment scandal which was recently repaid to the World Athletics body by the Minister of Youth and Sports Development.

The recent scandal involves a $150,000 the World Athletics had sent to assist the AFN in preparation for the championships last year, but the money remains unaccounted for and board members of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) will be looking to unravel the mystery surrounding the money when they hold their board meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

A board member, who pleaded anonymity, alleges that the money went through an improper channel with the AFN secretariat not having any evidence of the payment. Findings reveal that the money was paid into a private account which could not have been possible without the authorization of the President or Secretary-General of the AFN.

The leadership of the AFN is also alleged to have committed many infractions some of which include the details of the contract the Federation has with the manufacturer of the kit, PUMA shrouded in secrecy.

Meanwhile, insinuations are rife that former two-time AFN President, Evangelist Solomon Ogba may be recalled by his constituency, the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

Ogba was brought in at the last minute to replace former Olympian, Ahmed Adio to fill the Philanthropist/Ex-Officio slot on the board.

Ogba hitherto was not inaugurated as a board member when 12 others were inaugurated in July 2017, but officials at the Sports Ministry insist he was originally penciled for the slot and should be inaugurated by the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development.

Many of them feel justice must be served even if delayed for over two years. The rumored reshuffling by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development could take place as early as this week.


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