Donald Trump Accuses WHO Over Spread of COVID-19

…Halt Funding To WHO

Joel Ajayi with agency report

President of United States of America Donald Trump has lampooned the  World Health Organization WHO for its failure to contained outbreak of COVID-19 that have killed thousands and affected millions of people around the world.

To this end, U.S government said that the funding to the WHO be suspended, while review is conducted.

Trump stated this, at White House lawn on Wednesday morning at the Pesidential daily briefing on the COVID-19 which have killed over 20,000 Americans while over 500,000 people affected.

According to Trump Outbreak of COVID-19 could have been contained if  WHO has done its job.

“W.H.O did not support my decision to suspend travel from China, WHO has fails in its duty and now it must be held accountable, they covered-up COVID-19 outbreak.
“Today I am instructing my organization to halt funding of the world health organization while a review is conducted to assess the WHO’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus. ‘(The WHO) failed to investigate credible reports from sources in (the Chinese city of) Wuhan that conflicted government accounts and credible reports of human to human transmission in December

“From the middle of January it parroted and publicly endorsed the idea that there was not human to human transmission despite reports to the contrary and cost valuable time.

“The world received all sorts of false information on transmissability and mortality.’ The president said that: ‘Everybody knows what’s going on there’ and said WHO blunders had caused ‘Tremendous death and economic devastation.’ Trump continued: ‘Those tasked with protecting us by being transparent and truthful failed to do so. It would have been so easy to be truthful…so much death has been caused by their mistakes. ”

Trump accused the WHO of directly contributing to a 20-fold increase in coronavirus cases across the world, accused it of ‘many’ mistakes and said it was unfair for the US to contribute by-far the largest amount of its funding, while China gives less than $40million a year.

“U.S contributed 400million and $500million of funding to the UN-backed body to WHO.”

He added: ‘The US has a duty to insist on full accountability from the WHO (and it’s) disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations. They were very much opposed to what we did. Fortunately I was not convinced and suspended travel from China, saving untold lives.’

The WHO’s decision to oppose the travel ban put political correctness above life-saving measures.’ ‘The WHO failed to adequately obtain, vet and share information in a timely and transparent fashion. If it’s not to independently tell the truth about what’s happening, the WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable.

Trump however, expressed some words of hope to American’s  saying that, “we shall get over the invisible enemy, we hope that our country is going to bounce back and be booming.” He assured.

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