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IMC Heaps Praise On Nigerian League, Lauds Referees, Promises More Improvement



Joel Ajayi

The Chairman of Interim Management Committee IMC, for the Nigeria Premier Football League NPFL hon Gbenga Elegbeleye has heaped heavy praises on the progress of the league after day 2 matches of the ongoing abridged league.

He stated this in Abuja, where he gives kudos to referees for the good job that is bringing beauty to the league, he urged them to continue doing the good job that will bring more growth and development to the league.

The Former National Sports Commission DG, Expressed: “I am very happy that, the very first day of the match, we had 4 away wins, while in second day of the match we had 1 away win away three draw, this show good level of officiating, it’s show the sincerity of purpose and it show maturity of the home team.

“The very perfect example is in Edo state where a team was given a penalty in extra time, 91st minute, Plateau United was given a penalty. It hasn’t happened in years.

“Again, Remo star scored their only goal in Gombe at 89th minute and the goal stood. So, I commend our Referees. 

“What we have been doing in order to make Nigeria Referees comfortable, we increased their emoluments by 50% Transport allowance by 40% and again where ever they go to officiate all these allowances paid a day before the match, so we wouldn’t have the reasons to owe Referees like they did in the past, where Referees have been owed three years.

“We told our corporate partners, don’t give us the money, keep the money in your own account. All we do is to supply you the account number of our Referees, you pay them yourself, we don’t want to ware money in IMC.

“Secondly, when they go to officiate, despite all these increments in their emoluments and transport allowance, we paid for their accommodation, and still pay for their feeding anywhere they go.

“So, for now Nigerian referees have no reason not to do well, because to whom much is given, much is expected, we have been trying on our own part to make them comfortable and again we warn our clubs not to induce Referees, let the best team win, based on how you play, not based on Referees inducement.”

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Incredible Agada Bundles Fiorentina out of Viareggio Cup



A Nigerian 17 years old Striker of Mavlon’s Football Club Charles Agada, in Tuesday in Italy orchestrated the exit of italian club Florentina out of the 2024 Viareggio Cup tournamentp courtesy of hatrick.
Fiorentina’s defence got a doze of the lethal injection from Agada when he scored in the 40th minute to give Mavlon 1-0 advantage going into the break.

He scored his brace in the 65th minute, but any thought of Mavlon being in a cruise control in the game was not seen, as Fiorentina clawed back with a goal in the 71st minute from Maiorana

The Italians piled more pressure and were rewarded with an equaliser in the 90th minute to the excitement of football fans.

The game had the signature of a very round 16 tough knockout fixture and when both teams were thinking of extra time and possible lottery of penalties,  Agada, who was configured to score goals net the heart- breaking goal two minutes into stoppage time to seal a quarter- final passage for marvellous Mavlon FC.

The young striker, who is the captain of his team, has scored seven goals in four games at the on- going Viareggio Cup to make him the leading top scorer at this year’s edition.

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