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The need to stop Blackmailing Domestic League Reforms



The plan to use some sections of the media to blackmailing the Minister of Sports over the ongoing Domestic league reforms has been busted.

After two failed attempts to label him as a hater of the fulanis and later as the Minister in 2015 and 2017 who blocked a foreign investor from taken over the league and all, the stadium in the country (recall Sunday Dare was not the Minister of youth and sports in 2015 and 2017)  failed, people connected to the former LMC and who have benefited over the years have hired some media to write the bogus and fallacious story that the GTI, the new company partnering with IMC and NFF gave the Minister 10 per cent of the N1billion promised the league.

The story planned to be published soon is being delayed because there is no shred of evidence attached to it. The plan is simply to drag the name of the Minister in the mud. 

Before that happens the IMC has called out those behind it as blackmailers and warned them of the consequences of defamation and character assassination. 

The insinuations about the N1billion and the 10 per cent to the Minister, Dr. Gbenga Elegbeleye chairman of IMC described such insinuations as wicked and from blackmailers.

Reacting to some baseless allegations of misappropriation, he said, “Such insinuation can only come from a sick mind, a jaundice mind or a paid blackmailer because there is no N1billion naira anywhere. GTI is to raise the money. 

“GTI didn’t give us a dime. They only gave 200 million Naira to 20 clubs, at 10 million per club, and this money was not given to IMC. 

“GTI are economists, they’re bankers, they promised to help us raise funds, using their image. A very credible organization, we believe in them, but we said before we go ahead, how you can help our 20 clubs for a start because they need support. We agreed that 10 million Naira is given to each club, and this money was not given to IMC, it was credited directly to account of the clubs, so we didn’t have access to the money.

“Secondly, on the issue of referee, we said pay the referee directly from your account.  

“So for anyone to say GTI gave us 1 Billion Naira, 100 million Naira for Sunday Dare, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, that shows they are part of the failed system”. 

If Sunday Dare is a deal man, why did he fight the old system who have a lot of money to throw around to continue staying in office?

Such insinuation can only come from a jaundice mind or a blackmailer. GTI Group didn’t give us a dime. The only money given to us by GTI Group was N200 million for the twenty clubs at ten million naira per club.

“These monies were not given to IMC. GTI is not title sponsor but a special vehicle to drive the league to where it ought to be, they’re bankers and promised to help us raise funds using their credible organisation and we believe in them. So, we pleaded to them to help the twenty clubs with ten million naira each to kickstart the league. The money was not given to IMC but was credited to the clubs account.

“So, for anyone to insinuate that GTI Group gives IMC one billion naira and ten percent of the money goes to the Honourable Minister of Sports, Sunday Dare, this statement can only come from beneficiary of past failed system.”

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Ministry of Sports unveils partnership with Yanga Games



Joel Ajayi

Towards creating a new dawn for Nigerian Sports, the Federal Ministry of Sports has signed a landmark agreement with top lottery company Yanga Games to raise the revenue profile of the Ministry and ensure a new deal for the welfare of athletes.

Speaking during the unveiling of the partnership between the Ministry and Yanga Games in Lagos on Friday, Chairman/CEO of Yanga Games Mr Derrick David Kentebe said “We are so super excited by this opportunity to work with the Ministry of Sports Development to change the narrative about Sports in the country. We see an opportunity for marketing our athletes and sports generally. We shall avail ourselves of the best use of this unique and special partnership. We shall pursue this mandate with vigor, passion, and unrivaled commitment to bring benefits to all the critical stakeholders.

The agreement according to Kentebe will provide support for retired athletes, enhance grassroots sports Development, and advance the potential of special athletes.a

He assured that ” Yanga Games can raise funds on behalf of the Ministry of Sports for athletes’ Development, endorsement, and sponsorship deals for athletes”.

Minister of Sports Senator John Owan Enoh assured that the Ministry has total and absolute confidence in YangaGames to deliver on the given mandate.

“Gone are the era when we depended solely on the government to fund sports development. We are partnering with YangaGames to bring maximum benefits to the athletes and all critical stakeholders. We shall give institutional encouragement and support to the Management of Yanga Games to succeed in this onerous task of rebuilding our sports sub-sector.”

Kentebe said ” We shall raise about 34 Billion in the next four years to assist athletes and improve sports in the country. We shall help to develop grassroots sports and sustain youth involvement through raffle draws, fund raisers, and other avenues.

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