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Mr. Iyioku Shepherd Chijioke.


The worst and greatest destruction that could befall a man is when he remains unrepentant and unreasonable to tendencies that brought about his downfall repeatedly.

The continuous skimming’s of a governor and a few individuals to pocket the largest political party in the entire black race, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and make it their personal franchise has become a major challenge that is bound to destroy and bury our party in a shallow grave with the undignified ceremony.

I have said repeatedly that when you give a zoo man who lacks natural wisdom power and in that power, he finds excess money, that such a man will automatically become like a bull in a Chinese shop. You will see in him the height of stupidity and irrationality and these would culminate in his manifestation of autocratic, exploitative, and selfish tendencies leading to misrule. Such persons would see themselves as tin gods; thus behaving likes lord of the manor. It either goes their way or everything is destroyed.

The recent massive outcry and condemnation of the position of the party’s Committee on Zoning/Rotation of the presidential ticket come 2023 is a sign that this once dreaded and largest party in the entire black race, our own PDP, is on the verge of going into total extinction if urgent steps are not taken to address this issue holistically.

The bitter truth is that if PDP fails to win the 2023 presidential election as a result of the selfish disposition of a few tin gods within the party, PDP will be dead, buried, and forgotten.

Sen. Abdullah Muhammad led committee’s report which has been submitted to the National Working Committee of our party on this burning and contentious zoning and rotation of the presidential ticket matter have been receiving wide condemnation because it is being seen as a decision lacking in proper thoughts and therefore has the capacity to bring the party to ruination.

The leadership/elders of our great party must understand that even those who are not members of the party, who are largely frustrated and tired with APC’s administration and are looking at PDP as an alternative party to change the APC government come 2023, are more disappointed with this very unpopular recommendation, and so view the party with much contempt as one derailed off the track for the 2023 presidential race if urgent steps are not taken to restore the tradition of zoning and rotation of the presidential ticket which had been the case ever since the formation of the party.

It has become imperative for the leaders, elders, and stakeholders of our great party to address this issue of zoning/rotation of political offices at all levels as the party had always done, starting from the national, states, local governments, and down to the wards. It is our belief, and the general public holds this position too, that no single Individual, region, state, senatorial district, federal constituency, and so on can claim an exclusive reservoir of competence and capacity for any elective position in this country.

In view of this, we Are saying that the recommendation of the committee of Sen. Abdullah Muhammad, the Governor of Bauchi State, that the presidential ticket of the party is open to the six geopolitical zones in the country ostensibly on grounds of competence and capacity is an argument fraught with much weakness, besides the suspicion of irredentist hypocrisy that it serves. It is also seen as a conspiracy to perpetuate power in one region or at best kill the party if it would not serve the selfish interest of the clannish few.

The above projection is bound to happen if the issue of zoning/power rotation is not addressed urgently. This is because as PDP may likely lose woefully in the presidential poll come 2023, the party will also lose many states where they presently govern as a fall out of protest votes against the party.

In view of the impending doom against our beloved party, we ask you to join us in the campaign to rescue our great party, PDP, from desperados and hawks who lack the temperament, savvy, composure, character, patience, tolerance, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge required of good leadership that can wrestle and eventually defeats the vicious circle and power drunken blocks of All Progressives Congress (APC), which even in the middle of a crisis is breaking new grounds, winning new converts most of whom unfortunately are from PDP and these include the  Ebonyi State governor, Chief. Engr. Dave Umahi who recently defected to APC.

The recent widely rumored mass defection of some prominent PDP governors like that of Bauchi, Zamfara, Adamawa, and even our own Enugu State cannot be divorced from the excesses of one governor along with his few members of the party who feels he can hijack the party from his fellow governors who are all financers of the party.

In the coming weeks, besides our media advocacy in this struggle, we shall be engaging our party leaders, elders and stakeholders in ensuring that we together rescue our party from impending extinction.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series.

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Youth Ministry Clears Doubt On NYIF Disbursement



Joel Ajayi

The Ministry  of Youth and Sports Development  has cleared doubts about the disbursement  of the Youth Investment fund,  assuring that it is being  done in phases.

In a press statement issued on Monday in Abuja by the Director of Press for the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development Muhammed Manga stated that, the Ministry has been following with interest the reaction of some beneficiaries of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), particularly those expressing disappointment at the N300,000.00 cap on disbursement under the first tranche of N12.5 billion.

According to the statement firstly, the framework specified 250k as the maximum for individual and eligible businesses that are critical can access up to 3m subject to meeting key criteria set in the guideline and conditions.

“Considering the number of applications received, there was need to ensure spread and enable more beneficiaries enjoy the facility.”

The statement further stated “It  is pertinent to state that the Ministry received over three million applications for the N12.5 billion that is available; and at the current cap of N300,000.00 per beneficiary, only about 41,000 beneficiaries can be covered. 

“The Ministry is desirous of reaching as many beneficiaries as possible,  hence the decision to limit loans to the current amount.

“We also  know that some of the applicants have also benefitted from existing intervention, which has supported them and are impacting the economy.

“It is important we start and increase gradually, considering that there are lots of first-time borrowers as well and that the programme double edge, which includes capacity building, mentoring, monitoring and support will sustain the beneficiaries and guarantee expected outcome. Higher loan thresholds would be possible once additional funds are available”.

The Ministry re -affirmed that NYIF is not a grant, but a loan targeted at supporting the youth to start small businesses or to inject funds into existing small businesses.

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