Sports Dev: Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) Rebranded is the Best-Bar. Green 

Sports Dev: Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) Rebranded is the Best-Bar. Green

By Akin Bolarinwa.Special Adviser to the Governor on Real Madrid Football Academy, Barrister Chris Green has praised the world famous WhatsApp sports group called Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) Rebranded for contributing immensely to the development of sports in Nigeria, Africa and the World.

The former board member of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) believes that the ultimate goal of professional group in sports administration is to establish behavioral standards that will serve as guide in creating a positive image for the football community and members of the public.

The former NFF Technical Director, Barrister Chris Green alluded that every professional WhatsApp group has its own code of conduct or behavioral expectations adding that NSM Rebranded is rated highly above others.

“I must say that Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) Rebranded is due for an award. The initiator, Wale Ajayi (SAJ) stand up and take a bow for your selfless contributions.

“I havs learnt alot from our discussions here, It’s really going to help me in my job as the cordinator of Real Madrid Academy in River state and other spheres of life.

“I have been educated in sports administration, learnt patience, perseverance, interpersonal relationship, respect and decorum and ultimately learnt how to laugh and make myself happy.

“I have no doubt in my mind that for any sports administrator in Nigeria to suceed, you must take wise counsel from NSM.

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