With Our Herbal Drugs COVID-19 Will Disappear-Pharm. Amodu

One of the leading Advocates, Renewed Orthodous Medicine Practitioners in Nigeria Pharmacist Ben Amodu in an interview with The Gleamer News Nigeria Newspaper expressed that with the knowledge of the herbal medicine God gave to him the Pandemic SAVID-19 that is killing the people will disappear from the affected cases.

Sir, China, and Japan are using herbal in treating COVID-19 in similar ways what is your take on that?

Is it not what I have been saying and nobody is listening? china and japan are using herbal medicine to cure the COVID-19 This is what I have presented to Ministry of Science and Technology a week after the declaration that this is what is happening, I wrote a letter to the Honorable Minister of Science and Technology informing him of the readiness of my research to provide an all combination including the vaccine for the purposes of treatment and what did I propose. COVID-19 is one, SAVAD 6 is one, COVID-19-2 and the last one is SABMAL which is an equivalent of anti-malarial which beats Chloroquine in the test that was conducted.

All is about the immune system and you are aware, our products have one of the best immune system boosting effect in the world, I have received consistently an award for being an outstanding manufacturer of an outstanding immune booster myself and the element of SAVID is distributed in all my products and that is why their name starts with SAV.

So, SABVID-19 is a double-barreled formulation that has immune-boosting property and has cancer attacking and diseases of the throat attacking effects. So what you heard about China and Japan are correct and I have proposed the same all combination which I have given to the Ministry of Science and Technology and I did not wait till this time to read anything from Japan or China to propose this.

Are the ministry responded to your letter?

No, I have gone there to submit it myself


And nothing has been done?

Well you know Nigerian, we are waiting as usual, and with this type of thing we expect some quick reactions.

As at this morning, Abuja has recorded four, with the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar tweeting that his son has been infected. So what will you tell people generally?

If they will allow, well give our products immediately and then it will disappear, I am very confident about it. It doesn’t have side effect so why won’t we try it if it was tried in Japan and China. Why can’t we do it in Nigeria?


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