NYP Will Enhance Development Of Nigerian Youth If……. FG  


Joel Ajayi

Federal Government has reiterated that, if National Youth Policy (NYP) is fully implemented in the country, it would no doubt provide leadership and enhancing youth development and participation in the context of sustainable development as well as increase the number of young people engaged in productive work.

Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Sunday Dare revealed this on Thursday in Abuja, at the one-day roundtable and the 2nd consultative meeting on the development of the strategic plan for implementation of the revised National Youth Policy from 2019-2023.

NYP which aims to develop Nigerian youth with equal opportunities to realize their dreams and aspirations, irrespective of environment that would and living in a safe and secure environment that would optimize their contribution to National Development.

Mr. Dare who was represented by Permanent Secretary to the Ministry Mr. Gabriel Aduda said that no country in the world will develop without the development of her youth.

According to him, it is on record that well over 31 countries out of 54 African countries have planned their National Youth Policies but it may be simple enough to create policies and programs that we often do but the strength of this creations lies in the effective implementation of these policies when they are put in place.

“We are, therefore, particularly happy to see the representation across the board especially the various states that are here because we really want a policy that will benefit all Nigerians.

“We also hope that youth leaders can bring the need perspectives and skills of problem-solving especially using new technology, as you know the world has gone digital whether we like it or not, the best we can do is to catch up and see how we can fit into the process. So, I expect that in your deliberations plead as much as possible and let us pay attention to what matters this point in time.

“We need to put such perspective in line for we are dealing with new national policies for the development of the most important cache of the Nigerian population.

“Youth mainstreaming is very important via innovation, multi-sectoral approaches, and holistic approaches so much so that we want to enjoy this entire gathering to carefully capture and evaluate cutting issues that need to be considered the national youth policies compressively enhance the development of this document.”

He enjoined to speak their mind and not hold back anything in the anyway full implementation of policy for all Nigerian youth.

On her own, representative of the UNFPA Dr. Zubaida Abubarkar said applauded the ministry for the formalization of the consultative forum saying that it’s not about implementation alone its about proper monitoring for the plan to work.

She urged the forum to use the power of millions of Nigerians youth to disseminate the policy while she asked them to carry people living with disabilities along.



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